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Do This: Make a vision board

Vision Board 1

Vision boards are full of images, people and feelings that inspire you.

Life in quarantine can get pretty dull. Sitting in the same room, doing all of your homework at the same desk, and looking out the same window is enough to suck the inspiration and motivation out of anyone. If you are in need of a fresh, new and inspiring environment — make a vision board. 

Vision boards are collages of photos that inspire you. These boards truly can transform a space and leave you excited about tomorrow. Let’s walk through the process of creating one:

1. Find what inspires you

Your inspiration could come from anything: photos of family and friends, old Hollywood icons, poetry, photography, career goals, art, etc. My vision board consists of quotes from old Hollywood films, Robin Williams, the Bill of Rights, babies (that I’ve never met), Greek statues, lovers from the 1900s, Eleanor Roosevelt and poetry by R.M. Drake. To find your inspiration, sit and reflect. Listen to music. Whatever brings you joy or excites you is valid. 

Vision Board 2

Anything that inspires or makes you happy is perfect for your vision board. 

2. Print the photos out

Walmart’s prints are an inexpensive option, so much so that I was a little hurt I didn’t find out about them sooner. Each 4x6 print is only 9 cents, and each 5x7 print is 69 cents. All you have to do is save whatever images you want on your phone and transfer them to Walmart’s print site. Other sites also offer print options such as Walgreens, Snapfish and Vistaprint.

It’s extremely visually pleasing to mix up the size of photos on your vision board, and you can play around with different looks. Home delivery only takes three to five business days, or if you’re impatient like me, you can pick up in-store in only an hour.

Vision Board 3

Walmart is one great option to get your prints from. 

3. Choose a background for your vision board (optional)

This step is completely optional. If you think your photos are too busy and you want to keep your background simple, the wall will do. However, if you want to add in a little bit more character, backgrounds are fun and versatile to work with. If you’re creating your vision board on a cork board, fabric works great. Depending on your style, you could do anything from a nice cream color, to a colorful animal print.

4. Put it all together

This is the fun part! If you chose to use a background, pin it up. When your background is up, you can start arranging your prints however you want them.

Some people like their boards to be neat, with all of the photos straight and symmetrical. Personally, I love the fact that my vision board looks a little messy. I like to think it represents how my mind works, but with all of the beautiful things inside it. Don’t worry too much about whether there is too much red in one section, or about an awkward space. Those things are what make each vision board special.

Vision Board 4

Your vision board can be a reminder of your goals, wants and interests.

5. Enjoy!

After you make your own, you’ll understand what the “hype” is about vision boards. Every time I look at mine, I remember a special memory, feel a sense of true empowerment, or am inspired to fall in love. Every look comes with a different feeling, and each look inspires me. 

Every vision board is different, and each expresses the creator's personality so perfectly. They may sound a little cheesy at first, but they truly can transform your space and change your mindset. 

Person 1: This song slaps.

Person 2: Your mom slaps.

Person 1: Thank you, my mom is a kind and wonderful lady.

 Person 1: I’m so sick of alcohol.

Person 2: I don’t know, I’m getting stronger every day. I love it.

Person 1: Do you do the vegan wrap here?

Person 2: We can do the chicken wrap with no cheese?

Person 1: I’ll take the Beyond Burger please. 

Person 1: Oh my God! I feel like I know you somehow…

Person 2: Yeah, we went to high school together. 

Person 1: Oh! *walks off*

Guy 1: Is the black market even real? Has anyone ever been on it?

Guy 2: I tried once but I couldn’t figure out how to get on.

Guy 1: I stayed up until 2 am watching Disney plus

Guy 2: I told my girlfriend I fell asleep but I was actually watching the Mandalorian.

Girl 1: How long have you guys been dating?

Girl 2: Since the summer, well actually for like two years but it’s a long story.

Girl 1: Who are you looking for?

Girl 2: This guy, wait I found him. Fanny pack boy. He flipped off my professor after a test and ran out of the classroom.

Girl 1: How did you choose KU? 

Girl 2: Honestly, I flipped a coin. 

Boy 1: Did I tell you? I think I had a threesome this weekend.

Boy 2: Woah, hold up. You think?

Boy 1: I was born a Phi Delt.

Boy 2: Please don’t ever say that again.

Girl 1: How do you get your boobs to look like that?

Girl 2: I don’t ever wear a bra? I don’t know. 

Girl 1: I just really want a guy to bend me over you know?

Girl 2: How do you know? You’re a virgin!

Guy: Sometimes I wish I could just be a dog and sleep all day. 

Girl: You wake up at like three every day. 

Guy: I know.

Girl: So…

Guy: So does that make me a dog or something?

Girl 1: I wish I was a little bit taller.

Girl 2: I wish I was balder.

Girl 1: I wish I had a...wait, wait, wait balder?

Guy 1: Let’s slap dicks

Guy 2: You ever pee and it feels like throwing up?

Woman 1: *holding baby* He would have been safer at the Hawk

Woman 2: Oh absolutely.

Girl 1: I would never date that guy.

Girl 2: Well, it depends how much money he has.

Girl 1: I’m going to the doctor to see if I have bronchitis before I hook up with him again.

Girl 2: Yeah that’s smart so you don’t give it to anyone else. 

Girl 1: No I mean I want to make sure I infect him.

Guy 1: I'm cutting some of my unnecessary costs, starting with Juuling.

Guy 2: Ight man, good luck.

Guy 1: Actually I might just start chewing

Guy 1: How was work?

Guy 2: My manager was chastising me for not dressing up in a Halloween costume, she doesn’t understand I’m strictly here to get paid.

Guy 1: I am so tired of this week, man

Guy 2: Dude it’s Monday

Guy 1: I know

Person#1: I want to be on the first ship to mars

Person#2: Not me, I doubt they have Wi-Fi

Perons#1: Yeah but at least they’re evolving up there. We’re all just devolving.

Girl 1: Um, I don’t eat pig.

Girl 2: You eat bacon all the time, bitch.

Guy 1: You better get going. 

Guy 2: Yeah, see ya. I’m off to get some Adderall.

Girl 1: Are you home right now?

Girl 2: Yeah, why?

Girl 1: I bought a cat

Girl 1: I just don't understand what fishing is for.

Girl 2: I don't know. Food, maybe?

Guy: I’m just gonna have to like carry an entire box of spiders up the hill tomorrow.

Girl: What?

Guy: Yeah, just like a hundred spiders in a box.

Guy 1: Sometimes ya just gotta give yourself a haircut.

Guy 2: Dude, you shaved half your head. That’s not a haircut, that’s a mess.

Girl 1: Can you eat fruit raw?

Girl 2: How else are you supposed to eat it?

Girl: That class is killing us. ​But they say rest is for the dead.

Guy: Well, at least we'll be rested.

Girl: She's not in class this semester

Guy: Maybe she's dead

Girl: Or studying abroad