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'Emily in Paris': Cliché or feel-good?

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Emily in Paris

In "Emily in Paris" Lily Collins stars as Emily.

The Netflix Original series “Emily in Paris” is like a Hallmark movie with a little bit of spice.

Nevertheless, if you’ve heard it’s not worth your time, I believe you should watch it. Despite being cliché, slightly inaccurate and cringe-worthy at times, it’s a quick watch that will leave you feeling inspired to drop everything and move to Paris. 

Netflix released season one of the romantic comedy on Oct. 2, with 10 episodes running approximately 30 minutes each. I watched the entire season in one night because I simply couldn’t look away.

Reviews for the show have gotten mixed results, with Rotten Tomatoes giving the show a 65% and IMDb giving it a 7.2/10.

The show’s title practically gives away the plot. Overly enthusiastic, 20-something Emily Cooper from the Midwest is unexpectedly hired by a well-regarded marketing firm in Paris looking for an American perspective. Each episode follows Cooper’s journey navigating her new life in Paris.

Let’s start with what the show does well. Lily Collins, who portrays the main character Emily Cooper, is one of the strongest assets to the show, and luckily for us, her charm makes it easy to look past the weaker parts of the show. 

The show does a fine job balancing Cooper’s love interest and her work life. There’s a perfect balance of attractive French guys combined with the everyday challenges of Cooper’s workday. Not to mention, the show knows it’s the audience. It incorporates social media marketing, a beautifully-browed millennial and sprinkles of romance. The overall aesthetic of the show is packed with glitz and glam along with a modern touch.

Emily in Paris 3

Lily Collins' character moves to Paris without knowing how to speak French.

Now onto the more cringe moments. First, Cooper doesn’t know how to speak French. There are aspects of the show with inaccuracies that are easier to look past (like Cooper plugging an American outlet into her Paris apartment wall), but not knowing how to speak the language is hard to get by. There are a plethora of items that Parisians have said are completely inaccurate about the show, and a French Buzzfeed contributor even wrote a review about these inconsistencies. 

The costuming is another “meh” aspect of the show. Cooper looks fashionable, but she also looks like a tourist. It was 50/50: sometimes her outfits were stunning, other times she looked like she was on a high school senior trip to Paris.

Emily in Paris 2

In the show, Lily Collins portrays Emily, a 20-something from the Midwest who moves to Paris.

Something the show could certainly improve on is how they presented working in social media. This was easily an aspect of the show they could have gotten right, but it remained inaccurate. Cooper gained thousands of followers after posting unedited selfies and was retweeted by other influencers at the drop of a hat. It’s honestly impressive, but not likely.

Even with an array of shortcomings, I liked the show anyway.

It’s important to note I’m not a harsh movie critic. I enjoy shows that are deemed “basic” like “Gossip Girl,” “The Vampire Diaries” and “Riverdale.”

It’s okay to like what you like without thinking too hard about it. That’s where I am at with this show.

Yes, I had second-hand embarrassment for Cooper half the time. But also, yes, I would recommend this show for anyone willing to embrace a show with a good concept but a few flaws. 

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