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Is your Halloween costume trending, or overdone?

Devil Costume

The old reliable devil costume is available at Spirit Halloween.

Tonight is the spookiest night of the year, so it's time to ask yourself the dire question: what should I be for Halloween? Whether you’re considering buying a costume or making one, here’s the full report on what and what not to wear this Halloween, straight from the source. I spoke to Spirit Halloween employee Chasidy Ray and district manager Jill Kline to find out what 2019’s Halloween costume forecast is looking like.


Clown Costume

After the reboot of "It" and "Joker" clown costumes are trending.

Clowns: You can thank the popularity of the “It” reboot and “Joker” for the amount of clown costumes you’ll see this Halloween. There are all sorts of clown costumes out there: scary, funny and even sexy. “Pretty much anything they make in a female costume, they make a sexy version.” Kline says. 

Minion Costume

Minion sweatshirt costume available at Spirit Halloween.

Minions: If you’re like me, when you think of Minions you think of the adorable little yellow guys from the “Despicable Me” franchise who have tragically become the poster children of terrible Facebook memes your aunt Karen used to post every twenty minutes back in 2014. Somehow, at least according to Ray and Kline, Minion costumes are still popular, not only with kids, but adults as well. Spirit does not carry a sexy minion costume, but I’m sure somewhere it exists, although I hope to never see it with my own eyes. 

Fortnite Costume

Popular video game, Fortnite has several costume options.

Fortnite: Every frat boy’s favorite video game has come to life with Fortnite costumes available for girls and guys of all ages. The ones who buy the costumes the most are “actually the grown kids,” Ray says. This trend is in a sort of purgatory for Kline and Ray, it’s still very popular but they’re already sick of seeing it. 


Crayon Costume

The classic crayon costume is available at Spirit Halloween.

Crayons: Sure, it’s a cute idea for you and your pals to dress as a pack of crayons and hit the town on Halloween, but the night goes south quickly when you mistake your purple for another group’s purple and realize your idea wasn’t so original after all. The crayon costume has been in existence since the dawn of time, and Ray and Kline say it’s time to put the kibosh on the Crayolas. 

Angels and Devils: “Lots of college girls go as angels and demons” says Ray, adding that a lot of women head to the store’s DIY section and pick out some frilly lingerie-style items to pair with their halo or horns. It’s a classic combo made sexy, the perfect getup for you and your best friend to wear to the bars. Just know that Ray and Kline, as well as more modest individuals, will be shaking their heads in disapproval.

“Star Wars”: The classic sci-fi franchise is full of unique characters who make perfect costumes, but it appears the Force is weak with these intergalactic-inspired costumes. “They’re actually dying down on ‘Star Wars,’” says Ray. This is surprising considering the popularity of the newer “Star Wars” movies like “Rogue One.” Who knows, maybe with the December release of “The Rise of Skywalker,” we’ll see more Yodas and Darth Vaders again.

Person 1: This song slaps.

Person 2: Your mom slaps.

Person 1: Thank you, my mom is a kind and wonderful lady.

 Person 1: I’m so sick of alcohol.

Person 2: I don’t know, I’m getting stronger every day. I love it.

Person 1: Do you do the vegan wrap here?

Person 2: We can do the chicken wrap with no cheese?

Person 1: I’ll take the Beyond Burger please. 

Person 1: Oh my God! I feel like I know you somehow…

Person 2: Yeah, we went to high school together. 

Person 1: Oh! *walks off*

Guy 1: Is the black market even real? Has anyone ever been on it?

Guy 2: I tried once but I couldn’t figure out how to get on.

Guy 1: I stayed up until 2 am watching Disney plus

Guy 2: I told my girlfriend I fell asleep but I was actually watching the Mandalorian.

Girl 1: How long have you guys been dating?

Girl 2: Since the summer, well actually for like two years but it’s a long story.

Girl 1: Who are you looking for?

Girl 2: This guy, wait I found him. Fanny pack boy. He flipped off my professor after a test and ran out of the classroom.

Girl 1: How did you choose KU? 

Girl 2: Honestly, I flipped a coin. 

Boy 1: Did I tell you? I think I had a threesome this weekend.

Boy 2: Woah, hold up. You think?

Boy 1: I was born a Phi Delt.

Boy 2: Please don’t ever say that again.

Girl 1: How do you get your boobs to look like that?

Girl 2: I don’t ever wear a bra? I don’t know. 

Girl 1: I just really want a guy to bend me over you know?

Girl 2: How do you know? You’re a virgin!

Guy: Sometimes I wish I could just be a dog and sleep all day. 

Girl: You wake up at like three every day. 

Guy: I know.

Girl: So…

Guy: So does that make me a dog or something?

Girl 1: I wish I was a little bit taller.

Girl 2: I wish I was balder.

Girl 1: I wish I had a...wait, wait, wait balder?

Guy 1: Let’s slap dicks

Guy 2: You ever pee and it feels like throwing up?

Woman 1: *holding baby* He would have been safer at the Hawk

Woman 2: Oh absolutely.

Girl 1: I would never date that guy.

Girl 2: Well, it depends how much money he has.

Girl 1: I’m going to the doctor to see if I have bronchitis before I hook up with him again.

Girl 2: Yeah that’s smart so you don’t give it to anyone else. 

Girl 1: No I mean I want to make sure I infect him.

Guy 1: I'm cutting some of my unnecessary costs, starting with Juuling.

Guy 2: Ight man, good luck.

Guy 1: Actually I might just start chewing

Guy 1: How was work?

Guy 2: My manager was chastising me for not dressing up in a Halloween costume, she doesn’t understand I’m strictly here to get paid.

Guy 1: I am so tired of this week, man

Guy 2: Dude it’s Monday

Guy 1: I know

Person#1: I want to be on the first ship to mars

Person#2: Not me, I doubt they have Wi-Fi

Perons#1: Yeah but at least they’re evolving up there. We’re all just devolving.

Girl 1: Um, I don’t eat pig.

Girl 2: You eat bacon all the time, bitch.

Guy 1: You better get going. 

Guy 2: Yeah, see ya. I’m off to get some Adderall.

Girl 1: Are you home right now?

Girl 2: Yeah, why?

Girl 1: I bought a cat

Girl 1: I just don't understand what fishing is for.

Girl 2: I don't know. Food, maybe?

Guy: I’m just gonna have to like carry an entire box of spiders up the hill tomorrow.

Girl: What?

Guy: Yeah, just like a hundred spiders in a box.

Guy 1: Sometimes ya just gotta give yourself a haircut.

Guy 2: Dude, you shaved half your head. That’s not a haircut, that’s a mess.

Girl 1: Can you eat fruit raw?

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Girl: That class is killing us. ​But they say rest is for the dead.

Guy: Well, at least we'll be rested.

Girl: She's not in class this semester

Guy: Maybe she's dead

Girl: Or studying abroad