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Love Virtually: Having a Zoom crush

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Without in-person classes, we have to learn how to pursue our new Zoom crushes.

The world looks different right now. Just about everything we’re involved in requires masks and no-contact. We have shifted from a time where we experienced nail-biting and butterflies in the classroom to falling for someone over Zoom.

That’s correct. There’s a new way we’ve been finding crushes. 

I talked with a few students at the University of Kansas and got some insight on their experiences with developing a crush via Zoom.

Joseph Galvan is a senior from the Bronx in New York. He is participating in all online courses this semester and prefers to keep his online crushes to himself. 

“Personally, I feel like it would be weird to message a girl I like through Zoom,” Galvan said. 

The reality is, preparing to first greet your crush isn’t a walk in the park.

“I’ve had quite a few secret crushes throughout a couple of my online courses this semester, but I just crush in silence,” Galvan said.

Many people can admit that they’ve missed out on the opportunity to score a date or two because they didn’t have the courage to start a conversation.

Galvan expressed how he finds it weird to approach someone he’s never seen or met in person. It can be challenging to pursue your interest in someone based on a Zoom conference since all the advantages of an in-person conversation become limited. 

“I’m old-fashioned, I’d much rather approach someone face to face. It shows more confidence. With that being said, maybe one day I’ll see one of them in person,” Galvan said with a laugh.  

While some students prefer a face-to-face approach, it can be difficult to not develop a crush over Zoom if you get to know them through the screen.

Zena Pitakpon, a sophomore from Bangkok, had no trouble admitting that being a part of an online course has put her in the position to develop a crush. 

“We have online sessions for my public speaking course this semester and I think it’s pretty awesome that along with getting to see how someone looks, we get to hear people speak individually,” Pitakpon said. 

After hearing a male student give a presentation over a human trafficking, Pitakpon was moved by his intelligence on the subject. 

“I was sort of in awe after watching his speech because not only did he seem to be very informed about the topic he chose, but he showed a lot of passion and concern about this issue. He was also super handsome,” Pitakpon admitted.

“I’m not usually one to ever approach a guy first, although I did leave a feedback comment of what I thought about his video. We’ll see where that goes.”

Perhaps letting our crushes know how we feel through a social platform isn’t so bad. As far as contemporary dating goes, social media has played a big role in enhancing our relationships. 

With that being said, some people prefer to approach others in-person because misinterpretation often happens via technology. It’s more certain that you’ll get your message across in the intended manner when communicating with someone directly. 

When it comes to approaching your crush, the conversation can go well, or it can go south.

Samuel Morales, a senior from Wichita, shared his striking Zoom crush story with us, although he admitted he didn’t quite get the outcome he was expecting.

“I created a group chat in the beginning of the year with a few classmates that were interested in the same thing. It’s sort of like a way for us to keep in contact if any good opportunities come up. I playfully sent out a message asking ‘Anyone looking for a boo this year?'”

While a few of the responses weren’t ideal, Morales didn’t let it knock him down too much. 

“Some of the responses from the girls were pretty rough. I definitely debated leaving the chat,” Morales laughed. “It was pretty funny though.”

When it comes to having a crush, many of us decide to take that leap and just go for it, while others find it easier to be infatuated from a distance. 

Rebecca Luckey, a junior from McPherson, is content with keeping her Zoom crush from afar, as pursuing it in a pandemic seems a little too risky.

“Between all of my online courses, I’d be lying if I said I haven’t noticed a person or two that caught my eye. But I must say, as of now, you won’t see me approaching anyone during times like these,” Luckey said. 

Although ideally she would love to go on a few dates and get to know someone, Luckey said that limiting contact and staying safe is more important. 

OK, so having a Zoom crush might not be the most comfortable thing for all of us. Though, some people seem to be enjoying the new way of scouting for a relationship.

Regardless, it’s best to have fun. Try to make the most of this new age of making eyes at someone through your Zoom screen instead of across the classroom.

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