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New Music Monday: Fleet Foxes, The Neighbourhood and Action Bronson

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"New Music Mondays" is a column that highlights recently dropped music from prominent artists.

This week’s New Music Monday features a flurry of albums from all genres — including music from Fleet Foxes to Action Bronson — making for a rather busy weekend for the music world. 

To hear more from previous New Music Mondays and more of this week’s feature releases, check out the Kansan’s New Music Monday playlist on Spotify.

“Shore” by Fleet Foxes

Fleet Foxes is back again with another great performance for the indie world. On their fourth album, the group sets the bar high with the opening track “Wading in Waste-High Water,” a tranquil song with some sporadic crescendos throughout.

The group continued to impress as the album progressed with the thunder struck at the onset of “Can I Believe You” being a thing of beauty.

Although “Shore” might not be their best album, it reminds you of the group’s musical roots and leaves you eager for the next release.


“Ultra Mono” by Idles

Idles took a bit of a risk on this album by switching up their sound in getting production help from hip-hop producer Kenny Beats.

Despite angering some of their base, the change in direction for “Ultra Mono” played out relatively well. Filled with some angry lyrics and gritty, upbeat instrumentals, this album is a solid punk album great for working out or staying awake on long drives. 

“Only for Dolphins” by Action Bronson

The former chef-turned-rapper brought the eloquence on what some believe, including music blog Fake Shore Drive, may be his smoothest album to date.

“Only for Dolphins” is a combination of Bronson’s witty lyrics and some soulful jazz beats from beloved underground producer, the Alchemist. 

“Chip Chrome & the Mono-Tones” by The Neighbourhood

Releasing their fourth studio album just in time for the fall, the Neighbourhood gives listeners a rollercoaster ride of a listen. While parts of the album, like “Lost in Translation,” are playful anthems perfect for top-down driving, others are not as upbeat like “Tobacco Sunburst.” Overall, I would have liked to see more from the well-known alternative group, but it is definitely worth a listen or two. 

“Franchise” by Travis Scott feat. Young Thug and M.I.A.

Back with another single, the lineup for Travis Scott’s newest song looks promising. However, aside from a couple memorable lines, the track mostly falls flat.

With a forgetful instrumental, weak chorus and an underwhelming verse from the “Paper Planes” rapper, “Franchise” fails to stand out among other mainstream hip-hop singles. 

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