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Quick Q with a creative: Wanwan Tsai

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Wanwan Tsai

Wanwan Tsai, a Lawrence based Chinese classical dance instructor, is seen performing in front of Strong Hall.

Wanwan Tsai is a Lawrence based classical Chinese dance instructor. She has taught classes at the Lawrence Arts Center and at KU for the Chinese dance club and has performed for multiple local festivals and celebrations. She focuses on traditional folk dances from different Chinese ethnic groups.

I STARTED DANCING WHEN I WAS ABOUT FIVE YEARS OLD. I think I always wanted to be a dancer when I was younger.

YOU REALLY HAVE TO WATCH THE DANCE SHOW AND EXPERIENCE IT just to know what it is. It’s just hard to describe. It’s connected to so many things like martial arts and Chinese kung fu, but it’s not exactly kung fu. You have to really see the dance to experience it.

I WANT TO SHARE IT WITH EVERYONE, not just Chinese and American [people]. I just think it's very important because there are different things and different expectations and they have their own characters. It’s really really fun.

I REALLY LOVE THIS. I love what I'm doing, so I really want to teach and share this with people. I think that is the important thing.

FOR CHINESE PEOPLE, IT'S REALLY IMPORTANT FOR THEM TO FIND SOMETHING that they feel is connected to their own culture.

I HOPE THERE ARE MORE CHANCES FOR CHINESE ARTISTS TO COME TO AMERICA TO DO STUFF. I really would like to see more American people to go and watch [Chinese dance] because last time I was in Boston, I watched the show from the Chinese National Opera and Dance Drama Theater, but 90% of the audience was Chinese. 

WHEN WE ARE DOING THIS DANCE WE'RE ONLY FOCUSING ON THIS. It is just a really nice feeling. I train myself every day, and that just makes my day more meaningful.

I REALLY LIKE HOW [CHINESE DANCE] MOVES WITH THE MUSIC. Chinese dance music is usually pretty different and special because you have so many instruments that are only used in Chinese music

GO WATCH A CLASSICAL CHINESE DANCE OR WATCH A DANCE SHOW, or go to a Chinese dance class. That is how you will know more things and also know more about other people's culture and history. I think it is really important to go and see it with your own eyes. 

I WOULD JUST LIKE PEOPLE TO KNOW MORE about Chinese dance and understand our culture better.

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