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What Hogwarts house do you belong to?: KU Edition

Jayhawk Harry Potter

There’s one thing our generation will never get too old for: Harry Potter. If you’ve been on social media recently, you’ve likely noticed a resurgence of obsessions with fantasizing about the Wizarding World.

You may have been a fan since day one, or maybe you’ve simply stumbled upon “Draco TikTok.” Either way we are here to help you relive your nostalgia.

We’ve created a Hogwarts House quiz, but rather than posing traditional questions, we’ve tailored University of Kansas-styled questions to determine your house.

Keep track of your choices to figure out what house you truly belong to.

Which category does your major fall under?

  1. Architecture & Design/Arts/Education & Human Sciences
  2. Health Professions/Medicine/Nursing/Pharmacy
  3. Business/Law/Journalism & Mass Communications
  4. Liberal Arts & Sciences/Professional Studies/Engineering

What’s your favorite study spot on campus?

  1. McLain’s; I like to work around as many humans as possible.
  2. Watson Library; I like to work with a small group in a study room.
  3. A hidden spot; I like to work in a secluded area I discovered.
  4. Anschutz Library; I like to work late into the night by myself.

What's your favorite thing about KU?

  1. The friendships
  2. The events
  3. The opportunities
  4. The quality education

It’s a Friday night. What are your plans? (For the purposes of this quiz, imagine this is pre-COVID times.)

  1. Getting dinner with my besties, of course.
  2. Going to a KU basketball game.
  3. Hitting up all the parties.
  4. A little studying; maybe a simple coffee date.

By the time I graduate, I hope I have acquired:

  1. Life-long relationships and networking skills.
  2. Increased leadership and teamwork skills.
  3. Notable achievements and experiences.
  4. More knowledge about the world around me. 

The best part of Lawrence is:

  1. The local shops
  2. KU campus, obviously
  3. The restaurants
  4. The landscape

What is the best thing to see on campus?

  1. A familiar face
  2. A squirrel (gotta love them)
  3. A bus so I can go home
  4. A hill that doesn’t make your legs burn

What is your favorite place to stop on Massachusetts Street?

  1. Sylas and Maddy’s
  2. Wonderfair
  3. Lawrence Antique Mall
  4. Dusty Bookshelf

I value _____ in a professor.

  1. Kindness
  2. Honesty
  3. Passion
  4. Wisdom

You and your roomies want to adopt a magical pet. You pick:

  1. Cat
  2. Phoenix
  3. Snake
  4. Owl

You sit down in class on the first day of a new semester. You look to the seat next to you and realize _____ is sitting there. Life is good.

  1. Cedric Diggory
  2. Hermione Granger
  3. Draco Malfoy 
  4. Luna Lovegood

Finally, pick an area of study that interests you that is NOT your own:

  1. Architecture & Design/Arts/Education & Human Sciences
  2. Health Professions/Medicine/Nursing/Pharmacy 
  3. Business/Law/Journalism & Mass Communications
  4. Liberal Arts & Sciences/Professional Studies/Engineering

Answered all of the questions? Here are your results based on what number you selected the most frequently:

  1. Hufflepuff
  2. Gryffindor
  3. Slytherin
  4. Ravenclaw

Person 1: This song slaps.

Person 2: Your mom slaps.

Person 1: Thank you, my mom is a kind and wonderful lady.

 Person 1: I’m so sick of alcohol.

Person 2: I don’t know, I’m getting stronger every day. I love it.

Person 1: Do you do the vegan wrap here?

Person 2: We can do the chicken wrap with no cheese?

Person 1: I’ll take the Beyond Burger please. 

Person 1: Oh my God! I feel like I know you somehow…

Person 2: Yeah, we went to high school together. 

Person 1: Oh! *walks off*

Guy 1: Is the black market even real? Has anyone ever been on it?

Guy 2: I tried once but I couldn’t figure out how to get on.

Guy 1: I stayed up until 2 am watching Disney plus

Guy 2: I told my girlfriend I fell asleep but I was actually watching the Mandalorian.

Girl 1: How long have you guys been dating?

Girl 2: Since the summer, well actually for like two years but it’s a long story.

Girl 1: Who are you looking for?

Girl 2: This guy, wait I found him. Fanny pack boy. He flipped off my professor after a test and ran out of the classroom.

Girl 1: How did you choose KU? 

Girl 2: Honestly, I flipped a coin. 

Boy 1: Did I tell you? I think I had a threesome this weekend.

Boy 2: Woah, hold up. You think?

Boy 1: I was born a Phi Delt.

Boy 2: Please don’t ever say that again.

Girl 1: How do you get your boobs to look like that?

Girl 2: I don’t ever wear a bra? I don’t know. 

Girl 1: I just really want a guy to bend me over you know?

Girl 2: How do you know? You’re a virgin!

Guy: Sometimes I wish I could just be a dog and sleep all day. 

Girl: You wake up at like three every day. 

Guy: I know.

Girl: So…

Guy: So does that make me a dog or something?

Girl 1: I wish I was a little bit taller.

Girl 2: I wish I was balder.

Girl 1: I wish I had a...wait, wait, wait balder?

Guy 1: Let’s slap dicks

Guy 2: You ever pee and it feels like throwing up?

Woman 1: *holding baby* He would have been safer at the Hawk

Woman 2: Oh absolutely.

Girl 1: I would never date that guy.

Girl 2: Well, it depends how much money he has.

Girl 1: I’m going to the doctor to see if I have bronchitis before I hook up with him again.

Girl 2: Yeah that’s smart so you don’t give it to anyone else. 

Girl 1: No I mean I want to make sure I infect him.

Guy 1: I'm cutting some of my unnecessary costs, starting with Juuling.

Guy 2: Ight man, good luck.

Guy 1: Actually I might just start chewing

Guy 1: How was work?

Guy 2: My manager was chastising me for not dressing up in a Halloween costume, she doesn’t understand I’m strictly here to get paid.

Guy 1: I am so tired of this week, man

Guy 2: Dude it’s Monday

Guy 1: I know

Person#1: I want to be on the first ship to mars

Person#2: Not me, I doubt they have Wi-Fi

Perons#1: Yeah but at least they’re evolving up there. We’re all just devolving.

Girl 1: Um, I don’t eat pig.

Girl 2: You eat bacon all the time, bitch.

Guy 1: You better get going. 

Guy 2: Yeah, see ya. I’m off to get some Adderall.

Girl 1: Are you home right now?

Girl 2: Yeah, why?

Girl 1: I bought a cat

Girl 1: I just don't understand what fishing is for.

Girl 2: I don't know. Food, maybe?

Guy: I’m just gonna have to like carry an entire box of spiders up the hill tomorrow.

Girl: What?

Guy: Yeah, just like a hundred spiders in a box.

Guy 1: Sometimes ya just gotta give yourself a haircut.

Guy 2: Dude, you shaved half your head. That’s not a haircut, that’s a mess.

Girl 1: Can you eat fruit raw?

Girl 2: How else are you supposed to eat it?

Girl: That class is killing us. ​But they say rest is for the dead.

Guy: Well, at least we'll be rested.

Girl: She's not in class this semester

Guy: Maybe she's dead

Girl: Or studying abroad