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What should you order at McLain's Market based off of your Zodiac sign?

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The first McLain's Market in Lawrence is located at 1420 Crescent Rd. 

McLain’s, now a campus staple, offers bright study spaces and a range of dishes that satisfy any mid-afternoon craving. We’ve narrowed down the menu to make ordering even easier.

No matter what your sun sign is, you can be sure to find a snack or drink that suits your savory needs.

ARIES - sunflower toast

Bold and dynamic, the unique flavors of sunflower toast are the perfect match for an Aries. This handheld snack complements their on-the-go lifestyle with a sweet honey glaze to balance their intense personalities.

TAURUS - matcha latte

The Taurus’ serene and down-to-earth nature is mirrored in this McLain’s classic. With aromatic flavors reminiscent of early spring, a warm matcha is sure to indulge their detail-oriented nature.

GEMINI - seasonal latte with oat milk

The constantly shifting flavors that McLain’s has to offer are ideal for the versatile Gemini, especially with a milk alternative to fit their unique personalities. From cinnamon spice to pumpkin, there’s always a new order suited for a Gemini’s expressiveness.

CANCER - grilled cheese & tomato soup

Few things match the Cancer’s sentimental nature better than this homestyle dish. A blend of arugula and havarti cheese on sourdough will have the wistful Cancer feeling nostalgic as they curl up with this savory autumn dish.

LEO - pumpkin cake

No order is more suited for the dramatic Leo than the intricately decorated pumpkin cake. With multi-colored swirls and cream-filled layers, this dish matches the Leo’s desire to be the center of attention.

VIRGO - iced chai latte

McLain’s earthy iced chai latte appeals to the Virgo’s practical and subtly complex personality. A simple drink that favors simple beauty over flashy presentation, the McLain’s Chai is an ideal match for the minimalist Virgo.

LIBRA - cheese plate

The Libra’s love of rich relationships is reflected in this shareable snack. With a range of flavor profiles from brie to cranberry, the cheese plate will fulfill their need for flexibility and new experiences.

SCORPIO - cold brew

Often considered an acquired taste, Scorpio’s complexity can be misconstrued as intense and overwhelming. They find their match in the signature Cold Brew’s rich undertones and high caffeine content.

SAGITTARIUS - banh mi sliders

The stand-out ingredients of McLain’s banh mi sliders mimic the Sagittarius’ adventurous spirit. Sure of who they are, the Sagittarius feels at home with the straightforward and bold flavors of this popular lunch item.

CAPRICORN - café au lait

A Capricorn’s quest for structure is answered in the classic European cafe au lait. The steamed milk and capacity for added flavor allows the Capricorn to balance their unique need for independence and love of clean aesthetics.

AQUARIUS - seasonal cookie

From intricately iced designs to simple gingerbread, an Aquarius can find their unique and uncompromising mindsets in the seasonal cookie. Their artistic eye will notice the varying beauty and taste and welcome the sense of versatility this cookie evokes.

PISCES - frozen mocha

The Pisces will feel their creativity reflected in this customer favorite. A frozen mocha is the perfect blend of fun spontaneity and caffeine-driven focus that a Pisces needs to fuel their day.

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