KU MBA student Anureet Hans created a website that makes it easier for people to find a vaccination site in Kansas and Missouri. 

A student at the University of Kansas has created a website that tracks vaccine distribution in the Kansas City area. 

Anureet Hans, an MBA student at KU, came up with the idea for this website when he was trying to find a way to get his parents vaccinated. It took him several days to book an appointment after finding various pharmacy websites to be difficult to navigate. 

“I realized there's a big demand for something like this, where all the information would be on one page instead of people having to navigate through multiple websites,” Hans said. “I can't imagine grandparents navigating through these complicated websites where you have to make an account and verify them.”

The website shows which vaccination phases Kansas and Missouri are in, as well as the county, pharmacy and store websites where people can sign up for a vaccination appointment.

Kansas is currently in Phase 2 of vaccine distribution, which includes individuals 65 and older. Hans said when younger people, like KU students, are included in distribution, he will add more elements to the site, such as vaccination locations available to students on campus.

“When the time comes, I’ll definitely move forward with adding other options to the site besides just pharmacies,” Hans said. “But right now that's just the focus since pharmacies are kind of the wild card right now.”

Hans created the website in one day, and posted the link to a local Reddit thread, where it received over 100 likes. Hans also shared the website with KU Assistant Professor Wei Chen, one of his instructors in the KU School of Business. 

“I think this is very helpful for everyone who’s eligible for a vaccine,” Chen said. “Every different pharmacy has a different website, so if you want to find a vaccine you have to go to each website. It makes the process much simpler.”

Hans said he will continue to research and add information about vaccine distribution when it’s made available. 

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