MSG Legislative Meeting 1

 Vice President of Multicultural Student Government, Anthonio Humphrey speaks during the government's emergency legislative committee meeting on Monday night. The committee passed about eight bylaws regarding elections.

The atmosphere in the Centennial room in the Union on Monday night did not resemble the tension that was prevalent last Thursday. The focus of this emergency meeting held by the Multicultural Student Government’s Legislative Committee was meant for establishing bylaws — something that was supposed to happen at last week’s general assembly. Fewer students were present, but the goal to pass some bylaws remained the same. This time, they were bylaws involving elections.

Consisting of about 10 people, the MSG board and its audience members discussed the election code that would soon be in place. This covered the election commission, and there was also discussion on making MSG a coalition of the Student Senate, which some disagreed with while others supported the idea.

“I’m against the coalition idea to begin with,” said Andrew Davis, MSG’s chief of staff, during the meeting. “If you don’t have those close relationships with people, then it can turn out to be a mess. We’ve seen it before.”

There was also a lot of discussion in regard to the language used in these bylaws. Language is something that can be “iffy,” Chiquita Jackson told the Kansan.

“You really just want to leave that up to the general body to decide,” Jackson said, referring to the general assembly who will officially vote to pass the bylaws at their next meeting.

She said that language in these bylaws needs to be defined carefully, and that it needs to have specific definitions. It needs to be defined so that people can understand it.

“We can come in here and talk and give our opinions,” Jackson said. “But if the student body says ‘Well, this is something that we can agree with and can understand,’ then you move forward in that aspect.”

Both Jackson and former Vice President Sneha Verma voiced their understanding that the election process takes time.

“Elections are a long process,” Verma said during the meeting. “They’re not easy.”

Verma also said Monday's meeting was to bring students together, a goal which it seems to be moving toward after Thursday’s meeting. Jackson said that she thought the meeting went very well.

“We’re going through the Election Code, which is something that I’m excited about,” Jackson told the Kansan after Monday’s meeting adjourned. “Individuals being able to put in their input on how they want to see MSG go through the election process in the future. Everything takes time. Rushing into, trying to get rid of someone, is just unnecessary, and you have to work out the foundation before you can try to move forward.”

The bylaws discussed and voted on tonight were all under section four of MSG’s constitution. The committee will hold its next meeting on Tuesday at 8:30 p.m.