The University of Kansas campus has been dominated by the sounds of construction this summer, but for future Jayhawks, one important construction project will be completed by the time they move in.                                                                         

The construction of the Oswald and Self residence halls on Daisy Hill, which began last fall, is slated to be complete and ready for the next batch of Jayhawks by the beginning of August.

“The student room furniture is being delivered, the bed frames are being installed and we’ve got trucks coming 11 days in a row to deliver furniture for those two big buildings,” Diana Robertson, director of Student Housing, said.

Robertson said both Oswald and Self Halls will include four-person suites and two-person suites, as well as a new two-person private room, which will consist of two private bedrooms and a shared living room area.

New freshmen looking to sign a last-minute contract to live in these new residence halls will be disappointed, as the rooms have already filled up.

“I was pleased that all of our other halls continued to fill at a nice pace as well,” Robertson said. “It’s not like [the new residence halls] were the only place people wanted to live. It’s a good sign that we have a nice variety and mix of options.”

Oswald and Self Halls will be connected by a large common area that offers a wealth of new features.

Robertson noted that the first floor of the Daisy Hills Commons building will include a living room, a kitchen for students and a conference room. The second story of the Commons building will include an academic service center, which will be made up of a 40-seat classroom and several conference rooms.

The second floor of the commons building will include academic advising services, information technology services and other tutoring services.

“I think it’s going to be a prototype for the kind of service environment that we can provide in future projects," Robertson.

McCarthy Hall, located on Naismith Drive near Oliver Hall and Hoglund Ballpark, will not be completed until Oct. 2.

A news release from the University reported project issues created by weather delays as the primary culprit for this delay.

Paul Graves, the deputy director of Design and Construction management, said the contractors who are working on constructing McCarthy have had to spend a lot of extra time clearing mud off of the streets and laying down gravel, due to a very rainy summer.

“Any time [the contractors’] vehicles were tracking mud out onto Naismith Drive, they had to spend extra time trying to clean that up,” Graves said.

While McCarthy is still being constructed, students who were originally scheduled to live there will be relocated to one floor in Naismith Hall, Robertson said.

When it is finished, McCarthy will contain such amenities as living rooms, meeting rooms, multipurpose rooms and recreation rooms as well as a half-court basketball court.

The total cost of the Daisy Hill construction is approximately $48 million, which includes the cost of the residence halls and the demolition of McCollum Hall, which will be imploded in November.