The Center for Community Outreach is hosting its annual Into the Streets kickoff event called ‘Break the Silence.’

According to a press release, the Center for Community Outreach is hosting its annual Into the Streets kickoff event called ‘Break the Silence,’ to highlight mental illness and stress the importance of accessible treatment. 

The Into the Streets kickoff is KU’s largest advocacy-based service event taking place each year. The event is intended to deliver advocacy-based volunteer opportunities to students and the Lawrence community.

“This event aims to reaffirm our commitment to building a collective understanding of mental illness, the importance of increasing access to treatment, and ensuring those who are struggling know they are not alone,” the release said.

Communications Director of CCO Yasmin Edrees said that ITSW has been an annual event at KU since 1990, making this years event the 31st year. 

"Every year the Events director will select the theme of ITSW," said Edrees. "This year our theme is mental health advocacy and destigmatization. Our events director Tabitha Foster selected this theme because of how prevalent an issue it is with college students at KU and beyond."

The event is being held in conjunction with HOPE at Counseling and Psychological Services, a group of students committed to reducing the stigma surrounding mental health. 

“Mental health is a growing concern among many college students, even more so during these adverse times,” the release said. “An issue such as this is deserving of our attention and careful consideration, which is why the CCO has chosen mental health to be our theme for this year's Into the Streets Week.”

The event will be held from noon until 4 p.m. outside of the Memorial Union on Ascher Plaza on April 5. CCO executive staff will be in attendance to share information about the remainder of the week-long event. Additional information on opportunities to get involved with future Into the Streets service events is available on the CCO’s website

Stef Manchen contributed to this report.

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