Plymouth Congregational Church held a Pride event Sunday in South Park. The event was well attended and people of many backgrounds enjoyed things such as rainbow sherbet ice cream, live music and cornhole.

Community members gathered for a celebratory Pride party at South Park hosted by Plymouth Congregational Church Sunday.

People of many backgrounds attended the party in the park on Massachusetts St. and enjoyed rainbow sherbet ice cream, live music and corn hole.

“This is beyond what I dreamed," said Liz Smith, the welcome and care coordinator at Plymouth Congressional Church. “I had no idea what to expect. This is amazing.” 

The event attracted a large crowd and showed the vibrant atmosphere present in Lawrence, even after over a year of COVID-19 gathering limits mandated by the Lawrence Douglas County Public Health Department.

“It’s a bit more crowded than we anticipated, but that’s a really good thing,” said Gretchen Meyer, chair of the open and affirming committee at Plymouth

The park was filled with color through bright pride flags and eye-catching outfits. A block of Mass. St. and some sidewalks were adorned with small rainbow flags, while some attendees wore the signature pride flag as an accessory, which is commonly seen at Pride events. 

“I didn’t realize how big the community is here in Lawrence,” said Croven, who heard about the event through Facebook. “I knew there were a lot of people that were part of the community and supporting me, but I didn’t realize how much.” 

The event was organized by volunteers and members of the church. They began setting up several hours before the event's kick off. 

“I’m so thankful for all of the volunteers that made this possible,” Smith said. “People have been amazing.”

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