coronavirus updates

Lawrence-Douglas County Public Health releases new updates about the spread of the coronavirus in the county every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Douglas County reported 185 new cases of the coronavirus and one new coronavirus-related death since Friday, according to an update from local health officials Monday.

The county now has at least 835 active cases of the coronavirus. 

The county has a positivity rate of 13.4%, according to Lawrence-Douglas County Public Health. 

Currently, 33 patients at Lawrence Memorial Hospital have tested positive for the coronavirus.

Douglas County has reported at least 3,909 cases of the coronavirus since the pandemic began and reported 20 total coronavirus-related deaths.

Last week, local health officials prohibited mass gatherings with more than 15 people. Previously, the limit was 45 people in a group.

“It is important for everyone now to double down on those public health practices, especially mask wearing, to get this turned around,” local health officer Dr. Thomas Marcellino said in the update.

On Friday, The University of Kansas reported 70 new positive tests for the coronavirus between Nov. 5 and Nov. 11, according to the KU coronavirus dashboard. In the same time period, KU reported 1,055 negative test results, making the test positivity rate 6.22%, an increase from the 5.97% positivity rate reported from Nov. 2 and Nov. 8.

KU has now reported 1,228 cases of the coronavirus since they began testing in early August. Overall, KU has a 3.46% positivity rate, according to the dashboard. As of Friday, 44 people were either quarantined or in isolation in student housing.

KU officials are predicting an average of about 11 new cases per day by Nov. 26, according to the forecast update Friday

The forecast no longer concludes that cases are expected to level off with an average of about seven new cases per day in the next two weeks, as it did last Friday in the forecast update. Additionally, the forecast no longer predicts that the number of total cases at KU will level off and the rate of infection will slow.

On Friday, the forecast predicted the total cases at the university will continue to climb at a similar rate over the next 14 days. 

Statewide, Kansas reported 7,234 new cases of the coronavirus since Friday, according to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment as of 9 a.m. on Monday. The state also reported 10 new deaths related to the coronavirus and 104 new hospitalizations.

Sophia Belshe contributed reporting.