Jayhawk reading New York Times.

Due to a change in the campus fee package, KU students are currently unable to get a free digital subscription to the New York Times.

Students do not have free access to the New York Times this academic year because of a decision made by the Student Senate during the budget review process.

“This difficult decision was made after examining closely the utilization of the service and weighing it against the cost,” said Sadie Williams, the Student Body President, in an email.

In previous years, the subscription has been funded by a portion of the student senate fee, which is included in every students' required campus fees. Williams said the Senate’s ability to pay for the subscription is dependent on this fee.

“The priority of last years fee review was to keep the student fee as close to flat as possible based upon a campus-wide survey. With that context, the NYT subscription was not included in the breakdown of fees for the Student Senate, so there were not funds to pay for it,” Williams said.

For students that are interested in advocating for the restoration of the subscription, Williams recommends becoming involved in the fee review subcommittee.

“The student voice is powerful and if this is something students feel passionately about, then I feel confident in their ability to bring the subscription back to our campus," Williams said.

KU Libraries offers students free printed versions of the New York Times on their website daily.

According to the Lawrence Public Library website, the library offers free limited access to the New York Times. This access is available on-site while using the library’s computers or connecting to their Wi-Fi. A 72-hour unlimited subscription is also available by following the off-site access link on the public library website.