Laura Kelly speaks at a podium

Yesterday, Gov. Laura Kelly recommended Kansas K-12 schools close for the upcoming week. The Kansas Board of Education is forming a task force to address concerns about school closure and online education. 

In a press conference on March 15, Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly recommended that all K-12 schools stay closed for the upcoming week. 

“I want every Kansan to know that we will use all resources necessary as we respond to this very serious threat,” Kelly said. 

Kelly said the Board of Education is forming a task force intended to build a plan to address a handful of issues: moving to online education, assisting students without access to internet, provisions for at-risk students, assistance for students who cannot receive meals and ways for parents to help educate their children at home.

During her press conference, Kelly also said it is likely the state’s Board of Education will waive the requirement for 180 days of in-person schooling.

“By asking that all of our schools close for this upcoming week, we will ensure that they have the time to plan, without students in the classroom, so that when classes do resume, parents can be ensured that their children will continue to receive the same high-quality, world-class education that Kansas is known for,” Kelly said.

When asked if the state is at the point where large gatherings need to be banned, Kelly said each state is unique, so making that decision will be thoughtful and Kansas-centered. And when asked if she will recommend businesses to close, Kelly said she recommends Kansans to use their own common sense.

As of now, the closing of schools is just a recommendation, and there is no requirement for establishments to close. However, as the situation changes, Kelly could take new measures, she said