Jack Pine has been elected the new president of the Interfraternity Council, following the resignation of former President Manx Mandel.

The Interfraternity Council held a special election on March 30 during a General Assembly meeting and selected Jack Pine, a junior from Overland Park, as the organization’s new president. This is following the resignation of former President Max Mandel at the end of February.

The special election process was put on hold by Pine, then interim president who is a member of Sigma Nu, allowing for the IFC to focus on the social moratorium’s amendment. After working with the university and Douglas County, the council was able to amend the social moratorium and were then able to shift their focus to electing a new leader.

“As community restrictions were getting lifted, our community began to get restless and as an IFC, we believed that there was no need to be stricter than county regulations,” said Remington Tee, a sophomore from Andover, Kansas who serves as IFC’s Director of Risk Reduction.

At the General Assembly meeting, chapter presidents were able to nominate any current IFC council member to be voted on for the position. Pine was the only nominee.

In previous special elections, candidates have been nominated at a General Assembly meeting and are then voted on during the following meeting a week later. Due to the climate of the last meeting, the chapter presidents and fellow council members voted and swore Jack Pine in as president of the IFC at the same meeting.

Along with chapter presidents, IFC council members said they feel that Pine is the best man suited for the job, having experience as the former director of leadership and vice president of IFC.  

“I think he is a great option and will have great success in his new role; with his previous IFC positions, he is more than qualified for his new title,” said Frank Stasi, a junior from Leawood, Kansas and IFC Director of Scholarship. “He has a strong relationship with the current and previous IFC councils, as well as chapters on campus.”

Pine and the rest of the IFC council hope to allow chapters to continue to have fun in a safe and responsible manner. The council plans to work closely with university leaders and county officials to ensure the safety of social events.

“It was truly humbling to be elected for such a prestigious position on campus by my peers, but there is always work to do,” Pine said. “As the year comes to a close and more vaccines are distributed, the council will monitor events and community guidelines and make changes as necessary.” 

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