Hands hold up a Boulevard Brewing Co. Kansas City Lager can

Kansas liquor stores and drinking establishments will now be allowed to sell alcohol curbside for patrons to take off the premises after concerns of businesses closing arose due to the spreading of the novel coronavirus.

Kansas liquor stores and drinking establishments are now able to sell alcohol curbside in order to minimize the closure of businesses while still encouraging social distancing as Kansans grapple with the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Licensed alcohol distributors can create “to-go” stalls within a 50-foot radius of their establishment to sell alcohol, Debbi Beavers, director of Alcoholic Beverage Control in Kansas, said in a press release Wednesday, March 18.

Beer or wine must be opened and properly sealed on the distributor’s premises, but does not need to be partially consumed before leaving the premises, the new policy said. The policy applies to retail liquor stores, drinking establishments, class A and B clubs, farm wineries, microbreweries, microdistilleries and producers.

The policy will remain in place until further notice, Beavers said in the press release.

Edited by Brianna Wessling