DUI checkpoint on Tennessee Street (Asbury copy)

Kansas law enforcement agencies will work together to stop impaired driving starting Aug. 14 and up until Labor Day weekend. The campaign will include a "No Refusal Weekend" where suspected impaired drivers may be subject to a blood test if they refuse breath testing.

Law enforcement agencies across Kansas will join together in a concentrated effort to stop impaired driving starting Aug. 14 and up through Labor Day weekend, according to a news release from the Kansas Department of Transportation. 

The campaign includes a “No Refusal Weekend,” from Aug. 16-17, according to the release. All suspected impaired drivers who refuse breath testing may be subject to blood testing for alcohol and/or drugs.

Law enforcement agencies may work with prosecutors to obtain blood draw warrants for drivers who refuse breath and/or drug testing. 

About 150 law enforcement agencies across the state will be participating in the 22-day enforcement campaign. 

“My hope is there are no impaired driving crashes or fatalities in the state of Kansas,” said Kansas Highway Patrol Superintendent Herman Jones. “Make the right decision, don’t get behind the wheel impaired.”

On average, impaired drivers cause about one-third of all traffic fatalities in Kansas, according to the release. The Labor Day holiday brings increased traffic and a higher-than-normal number of deaths related to impaired drivers on the road.