2021 guest policy

The University of Kansas student housing has changed the guest policy for on-campus housing as of Feb. 17. While students may now host guests from other on-campus housing facilities, residents must still abide by the guest and visitor policy in the KU Student Housing Book.

The University of Kansas has reopened its guest policy for on-campus residents, according to an email from the university on Wednesday. Students are now allowed to have guests inside KU Student Housing buildings, but the guests must be residents of other KU Housing facilities. 

The email, which went out to all residents living in Student Housing, included the parameters of the new policy. 

“Only guests from other KU Student Housing buildings will be permitted. Off-campus students, family, or friends are still not allowed,” the email said. 

According to KU Student Housing’s Associate Director for Residence Life Aramis Watson, the precautions taken by students and faculty throughout the fall semester and into this spring are what made this change possible. 

“Last semester we restricted guests at the start of the semester as well,” Watson said. “This time frame is shorter this semester because of the really great work that on-campus staff and students have been doing to keep the community safe by wearing masks and socially distancing.”

Additionally, all policies regarding guests and visitors from the KU Student Housing Book are still in effect. Before the guest policy had been updated, students were told that visitors would not be allowed until at least Feb. 15, according to an email sent in late January. 

“After your move-in date and through at least Feb. 15, no guests or visitors will be allowed inside any Student Housing facility,” the email said. “Only residents assigned to a specific building will be allowed in that building.”

Students are still highly encouraged to follow proper safety protocols, such as social distancing, to keep all campus as safe as possible. 

“Students can visit other on-campus students as long as they are doing so safely but cannot bring off-campus guests into their communities,” Watson said. “Students are allowed to use the lounges on their floors as long as they are doing so safely by remaining socially distanced and masked.” 

KU Housing made this same transition in the fall semester, going from a no visitor policy to a restricted visitor policy.