Parking rates may increase

Blue lot parking permits on campus are one of the options available for purchase by faculty and staff. The University of Kansas will offer students with spring 2020 parking passes a partial credit for those who will return next semester or a partial refund for those who will not. 

The University of Kansas Office for Transportation Services released a statement offering a partial refund for University of Kansas students who purchased an on-campus parking pass.

According to the statement, which was released Monday, “students will receive a partial credit toward the purchase of a parking permit for the 2020-21 school year.” Meanwhile, students not returning to campus next semester should expect a partial refund — it is unclear how much students should expect in this refund.

As for parking permits purchased by faculty and staff, a decision has yet to be made in regards to offering a refund.

Students will also receive an email Friday with more details on this decision from the Office of Transportation Services, according to the statement.