The Studio Coffeehouse is located in Hashinger Hall on Daisy Hill. 

The Studio Coffeehouse is closed until Nov. 30 after a potential exposure to COVID-19, according to an email from KU Dining sent to employees Monday.

All employees who were considered close contacts were notified by the University of Kansas dining leadership, according to the email.

“The potential exposure occurred between November 20th – 22nd and had limited potential close contact to other members of the Studio Coffeehouse team,” leadership said in the email.

Any exposure to COVID-19 is considered contained, according to the email.

Employees were reminded to continue monitoring for symptoms of the coronavirus using the CVKey app.

The facility will be deep cleaned on Nov. 25.

The potential exposure comes as Douglas County limited the size of gatherings to 10 people after cases of COVID-19 spiked within the county and state.