The painted fence behind Bullwinkle's Bar reads KANSAS with a Budlight logo across the bottom

Bullwinkle's Bar, located on the corner of Tennessee and 14th Streets, is closed due to stay-at-home orders. However, staff members are maintaining social media to continue engaging the bar's audience. 

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent stay-at-home orders, Lawrence bars have had to use social media to connect with their customers.

While businesses such as Bullwinkle’s Bar and Brother’s Bar and Grill are not in operation for the time being, they are remaining active on social media in an effort to stay connected with their customers. 

“We have been trying to figure out ways to keep our audiences engaged on Instagram, so every week we are going to be posting an at-home drink video,” said Tom Sorrentino,  co-owner of Bullwinkle’s Bar.  

Brother’s employees have been grateful to see so many people sharing their favorite memories at Brother’s via Instagram stories, said Will Harden, manager of Brother’s Bar and Grill. 

“We definitely want to put a positive word out, share some great customer-made content and let everyone know that we’re thinking about them,” Harden said. 

University of Kansas students have also taken to social media to show that they miss going out to their favorite places just as much as the bars miss having them. 

“Life without Bull Tuesdays is NOT the kind of life I want to live,” said KU student Sarah Pickel on social media. 

In addition to social media, the bars are doing all they can to provide support to their employees during this time. Harden makes sure to check in with his employees on a weekly basis, and Bullwinkle’s employees are doing their best to stay connected through their group chat and over Zoom, Sorrentino said. 

Both Brother’s and Bullwinkle’s are also helping their employees to file for unemployment for the time being, Sorrentino and Harden said. 

“They have a job at the Bull when all of this passes,” Sorrentino said. 

The state of Kansas plans to lift the stay at home order on May 4  and implement less restrictive coronavirus regulations. 

—Edited by Madeleine Rheinheimer