Senate 09/6 (copy)

Multicultural Student Government President Chiquita Jackson (right) speaks during a full Student Senate meeting in fall 2017. Jackson says that recent allegations against her are invalid since MSG does not have an official constitution yet. 

Multicultural Student Government leadership presented Chiquita Jackson, their president, with a notice for impeachment on Sunday night. In the letter, Vice President Anthonio Humphrey listed grievances on behalf of leadership against Jackson and her governing style.

The letter asked Jackson to respond to a request for resignation by Thursday at 8 p.m., before impeachment is pursued.

“This letter serves as a notice for impeachment because we feel that you are not upholding the duties of a MSG President,” the letter said.

The letter calling for MSG President Chiquita Jackson's resignation contains several allegations against her, many of which the Kansan has not…

As of now, MSG does not have a formal impeachment process, but it will be discussed at Thursday’s general assembly meeting, according to Humphrey.

The letter claimed Jackson operated MSG as a dictatorship rather than a democracy, an allegation which Jackson said she disagreed with. Additionally, it accused her of misusing government funds and inappropriate behavior regarding other multicultural groups on campus.

Jackson has refused to resign and refuted the majority of claims. She said due to the lack of a legitimized constitution, there are no grounds for impeachment.

“Where is the democracy in that?” Jackson said to the Kansan. “If you want to talk about dictatorship, you’re implementing that in that bylaw.”

Jackson said she believes the body passing bylaws after leadership issued her a notice of impeachment is “backdating” and would not be democratic.

However, Humphrey said bylaws have already passed through legislative committee, and he plans to involve general assembly in the process.

“We leave the voting up to our general assembly … because people’s voices matter,” Humphrey said. “We want all of our multicultural population to be served in the decision on who should govern them.”

Chief of Staff Andrew Davis, who signed the letter, said to the Kansan, “Chiquita has done good things for MSG, and I would hate for that to be overlooked in the process.”