A serial rapist's attacks in Lawrence and Manhattan during university breaks have prompted safety warnings to students in the past, but none have been issued this year.

Warnings told students to exercise caution and remain aware of sexual assaults. The city of Lawrence, University officials and the Kansas Attorney General issued the warnings after the attorney general announced in March 2009 that six Lawrence rapes, seven Manhattan rapes and an attempted rape in Manhattan may be related, with the last known rape occurring in Lawrence in December 2008.

The last warning issued to students about sexual assault was before the University's spring break last year.

Captain Paul Fellers of the Lawrence police department said the agency does not only want students to be aware of sexual assault during break periods but at all times of the year.

"Sexual assault is very serious. It can and does happen at many different times during the year," Fellers said. "We do want people to be aware, but we don't want people to let their guard down just because spring break is over."

The first known rape occurred during the fall of 2000 in Manhattan, and the first attack in Lawrence was July 2004. All of the victims in Lawrence were University students at the time of the attacks.

The rapist is known to stalk his victims and is described as a white male between the age of 25 and 40. He is said to be between 5-foot-9 and six-feet tall and between 160 to 175 pounds. He covered his face during many of the attacks and had some sort of weapon at some of the attacks.

No public suspects have been identified in the case, but the attorney general's office said the case is still under investigation.

"The investigation remains open and law enforcement will follow up on all leads," Jeff Wagaman said, Deputy Chief of Staff for the attorney general.

The Emily Taylor Women's Resource Center cautions students to trust their instincts and to always alert someone if they are uncomfortable, even a building manager.

Theresa Tran, a junior from Liberty, Mo. said she heard about the case previously and always tried to follow safety tips.

"A lot of times I will call a friend when I walk alone, and I always lock all my doors," Tran said. "My parents have always taught me safety but being alone on campus and at home has definitely made me more aware of my surroundings."


July 14, 2004 - a man entered an apartment in 3800 block of Clinton Parkway and raped a sleeping

University student. She was in her twenties.

Dec. 29, 2004 - a man entered an apartment inside Highpointe

Apartments at 2001 W. Sixth Street and raped two female University students, ages 19 and 20.

June 13, 2006 - a 21-year-old sleeping University student was sexually assaulted in her apartment in Southwest Lawrence.

March 22, 2008 - a man entered an apartment in Lorimar Townhomes at 3801 Clinton Parkway and raped a 20-year-old female University student.

Dec. 1, 2008 - a 19-year-old University student was raped in her home near Holcom Park.

Edited by Bre Roach

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