Budget Meeting

University Interim Provost Carl Lejuez prepares to address the community in a town hall meeting regarding budget cuts on June 6.

Individual units at the University now know exactly how much they will need to lose in fiscal year 2019 to meet the cut goal of $20 million. 

"We will not, unless something dramatic happens, have to have a cut like this again,” said Interim Provost Carl Lejuez during a town hall meeting on June 6.

The eleven academic units will need to cut a total of more than $12.3 million, about 60 percent of the cut, according to a breakdown provided to the Kansan by Provost's office. Other major units — including operations, the chancellor's office, student affairs, diversity and equity, and others — will need to cut about $7.6 million. 

These projected numbers are based on 5.87 percent of each unit's budget from the previous fiscal year. 

Because of this, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences — the largest academic unit — had the largest cut with about $6.3 million in cuts. Operations had the largest non-academic unit cut with more than $4.4 million.

The provost's office gave each unit the total number for how much needed to be cut, but it's up to each unit to decide how they will make these arrangements. 

"Individual units are determining how to implement their budget reductions," Director of News and Media Relations Erinn Barcomb-Peterson said in an email.

The chancellor's office already announced two changes in leadership on June 1 which helped to cover the office's portion of the cuts.

"The responsibilities of the vice chancellor and chief financial officer will be combined with those of the long-serving vice provost of finance and administration, Diane Goddard, who will become CFO and vice provost for finance," Chancellor Douglas Girod said in a statement sent out to the University community. "In this role, Diane will work directly with both the chancellor and provost."

This position change was made effective on July 1, as well as the second position change, which involved demoting Stuart Day from the senior vice provost for academic affairs position back to his previous position as a faculty member in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese. 

Barcomb-Peterson said, "units can manage their FY19 budget reduction in different ways and on different timelines." 

The heads and directors of each units are supposed to provide a plan of how they intend to implement their cuts by August 1. Barcomb-Peterson said that another budget town hall meeting will be scheduled for later that month and Provost Lejuez will provide more updates on those plans at that time. 

 Academic Units



Law $467,800 
Social Welfare$271,413 
KU Libraries$759,093 

Other Assessable Units 

Chancellor $295,491
University Communications  $261,081
Edwards Campus$11,371
Research $755,606
Student Affairs $126,897
Enrollment Management$436,979
Academic Affairs $270,382 
Faculty Development $72,150 
Diversity and Equity $77,764
International Programs$33,976 
Undergraduate Studies$309,992 
Business and Financial Planning $148,137