Girod campus conversation

Chancellor Douglas Girod introduced the University of Kansas' strategic planning model "Jayhawks Rising" at a campus conversation Friday, Feb. 28.

New Provost Barbara Bichelmeyer hosted her first campus conversation on Friday, Feb. 28 to introduce her plan for the University of Kansas’ strategic planning model.

Chancellor Douglas Girod said the plan will be called “Jayhawks Rising” as a nod to the University’s motto, “Our Chant Rises.”

Jayhawks Rising is broken up into three core institutional priorities: student success, healthy and vibrant communities, and research and scholarship. Among these divisions, Bichelmeyer shared the plan’s master objectives to enhance the overall experience of students and administrators on campus.

The plan was initially introduced by Interim Provost Carl Lejuez in September 2019, but has since evolved following feedback from the University community.

According to Girod, over 600 people provided feedback at the last meeting. Girod also said the largest concerns from the community regarded collaboration among different departments at the University and the effectiveness of their plan.

This process is nothing new for Bichelmeyer, having previously engaged in three strategic plans at other universities such as the University of Indiana. 

“Our strategy is simply defining where we are, where we’re going and how we are going to get there,” Bichelmeyer said. 

Provost Barbara Bichelmeyer introduced the University of Kansas' "Jayhawks Rising" strategic plan to community members at a campus conversatio…

Bichelmeyer hopes to address the challenges within higher education such as the cost of tuition, technology’s disruption and lack of accountability for raising academic expectations.

Bichelmeyer said implementing Jayhawks Rising will be rocky at first, but changes will be made throughout the process to ensure their plans benefit students, faculty and staff.

“Our strategic plan is going to be embodied by you, and it’s going to be active and changing,” Bichelmeyer said.

Following Bichelmeyer’s speech, she encouraged attendees to take time to discuss her presentation. Each attendee was given a Strategic Doing worksheet in which they were welcomed to express the issues they hoped the strategic plan would address. 

Bichelmeyer said she intends to use feedback from the University community throughout the process to ensure “Jayhawks Rising” meets the needs of students while advancing their academic development.

 “We are a team," Bichelmeyer said. "We need to address our goals."

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