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Snow covered the University of Kansas Lawrence campus on Tuesday, April 20.

As inclement weather approaches, the City of Lawrence and the University of Kansas have released information about how the city is preparing for potential winter weather.

In a news release, the City of Lawrence said that crews are pre-treating bridges and elevated roadways in anticipation of winter weather tonight. However, they will not begin immediately on snow and ice control in residential areas.

If a winter weather event occurs, residential areas will not get treated until crews are finished treating priority roadways.

According to the news release, property owners are responsible for ensuring sidewalk safety by removing any snow or ice that accumulates on a public sidewalk immediately adjacent to their property within 48 hours. If the owner of the property is physically unable to clear their sidewalks, they should visit the Safe Winter Walkways website.

The University of Kansas also released a statement on Monday informing students on how to find information regarding inclement weather on campus.

There are three ways to find information about closings or delays when campus is affected by inclement weather, according to the statement. Information can be found on the KU Alerts pageKU’s Twitter page, or faculty and staff can sign up to receive KU text alerts through the myKU Portal.

James Druen, deputy chief of KU Public Safety (KUPSO), said that KUPSO still patrols campus when Lawrence is experiencing inclement weather, and they keep facilities updated on which streets and sidewalks start to get slick and need to be treated.

Druen also urges students, faculty and staff to stay indoors if being outside is unsafe.

“Our recommendation is to only go out in inclement weather if absolutely needed,” Druen said.

KU has an inclement weather policies and procedures page that contains more information about how the university monitors predictions and makes decisions regarding weather and procedures for canceling classes.

According to the page, if forecasts and weather conditions suggest that travel could be dangerous, the Vice Provost for Operations will team up with the office of Public Safety and Operations to assess streets and parking lots.

“By 5:30 a.m., the Provost/Executive Vice Chancellor or the Chancellor will make a decision [about classes being canceled],” the page says.

Students can call 785-864-4770 or submit a request on the facilities website if they see areas that need urgent attention during the storm.