A Starbucks barista hands a customer a reindeer-themed coffee cup

The University of Kansas will replace all its Roasterie locations with Starbucks starting in fall 2020. 

The University of Kansas will replace all on-campus Roasterie locations with Starbucks in fall 2020, following the end of its contract with the Kansas City, Missouri-based company.

The University is choosing not to renew its contract with the Roasterie because of the company’s new business model, said David Mucci, director of KU Memorial Unions. The Roasterie is shifting to focus on bottled and canned coffee distribution. Due to the University’s contract with Pepsi, distribution of bottled beverages can only be those which are owned by Pepsi.

“Starbucks made more sense as a marketing and sales strategy,” Mucci said.

Each Roasterie location will be replaced by Starbucks branding and products. While the locations will not be serving Starbucks food, most of them will provide the full Starbucks drink menu. Locations without the full menu will still serve Starbucks brand coffee beans.

The distribution of Starbucks brand beverages on campus began in 2017, according to an amendment to the University’s Pepsi agreement.

“We have that strategic partnership with Pepsi already where they have Starbucks bottled beverages in campus stores and schools with vending machines so that provides a definite benefit to us,” said Zach Thomason, Student Senate’s chief of staff and member of the Union Board.

The 10-year contract with the Roasterie will end on June 30, 2020. Mucci said the University is in the process of signing an agreement with Starbucks to go into effect on July 1, 2020.