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Student health premiums projected to go up 9% for the upcoming academic year, according to an email from the Provost Wednesday.

Student healthcare premiums will increase approximately 9% for the 2021-2022 academic year, according to an email from Provost Barbara Bichelmeyer sent out Wednesday. 

Fees will specifically increase to $2,462 for most incentivized students and $3,861 for voluntary students in the 2021 academic year. Incentivized students would be any health science students, international students and GTAs, GRAs and GAs with qualifying FTE appointments. 

Voluntary students would be any domestic undergraduate student whose academic programs do not require health insurance coverage and graduate students who do not qualify as incentivized students.  Incentivized GTAs, GRAs, and GAs with qualifying semester appointments enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan will get a 75% subsidy for the student-only premium.

Students on either plan can purchase spouse and dependent coverage. For incentivized students, each person will have their own $2,462 annual insurance premium, according to KU’s SHIP website.

All students on the KBOR plan have their deductibles waived for covered care at Watkins Health Services.

Enrollment for the 2021-2022 student health insurance begins July 1 with coverage beginning August 1. 

Student health insurance for incentivized students has risen 28% since the 2019 academic year when premiums were $1,772

In the email, the provost acknowledged the high cost of student healthcare, but called the KBOR plan “very competitive” and encouraged students to look into campus services that could offer some financial assistance, such as the Emergency Aid Network.

The provost encouraged students to look into  getting health insurance from healthcare.gov, as the American Rescue Plan expanded eligibility for help paying premiums and they may be eligible for tax credits.

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