Joint Senate meeting via Zoom

The KU Student Senate met in a joint session to transition to a new administration and confirm new executive staffers Wednesday night.

The University of Kansas Student Body President Niya Denise McAdoo and Vice President Ethan Roark led their first Student Senate meeting as the Senate elected new officers and officially transitioned to the new administration in a joint senate session Wednesday night.

At the beginning of the meeting, outgoing Student Body President Apramay Mishra further discussed the resignation of former Student Body Vice President Grant Daily, saying he resigned due to numerous allegations of sexual assault or sexual violence.

had been numerous allegations of sexual assault or sexual violence placed against him,” Mishra said. “I felt that it was only right to the survivors and the victims that something be said publicly so that it's out there, and they know that they're believed, and they can get the support that they need, and they know that the student senate supports them as well.”

After Mishra and the outgoing senate executive staff members gave their final officer reports to the full senate, the outgoing senate adjourned, and the 2021-2022 senate was called to order.

McAdoo nominated a slate of new officers to the executive board, all of which were confirmed by the full senate. The executive staff for the upcoming school year includes:

  • Chief of Staff: Humberto Gomez Salinas

  • Communications Director: Azja Butler

  • Internal Affairs Director: Max Lillich

  • Government Relations Director: Birdie Alt

  • Policy and Development Director: Arianna Chavarria

  • Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Daphne Carrillo

  • Treasurer: Hammad Hussain

  • Associate Treasurer: Hanif Ashraf

  • Graduate Student Body Vice President: Hollie Hall

McAdoo talked about the toxic culture prevalent in Student Senate and the need for change in her first officer report.

“There has been a pattern that has been in Student Senate for quite a while that needs to not only be addressed but needs to be dealt with accordingly,” McAdoo said. “The past racism and the issues of sexual assault and violence in student Senate, those things are not going to be tolerated this year.”

The full senate elected Sadie Williams, who served as associate treasurer for the previous administration, as the body’s senior senator.

The Senate also elected representatives to the University Senate. Hollie Hall was elected as a graduate representative to the University Senate. For undergraduate representatives, the Senate elected Camden Baxter, Turner Seals, Mary Morrison, Faith Lopez, Alejandro Rangel-Lopez, Hammad Hussain, and Sadie Williams.

Of those nominees, Sadie Williams, Faith Lopez, and Hollie Hall were elected to represent the Student Senate on the University Senate Executive Committee.

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