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Student Senate having a discussion during their meeting through a Zoom livestream on Wednesday, March 17.

On Friday, University of Kansas student senators passed a resolution demanding answers from Kansas Athletics following Les Miles and Jeff Long’s departures from the program and their subsequent settlements. They also passed a resolution opposing the Kansas Senate’s bill banning transgender women from playing women’s sports in K-12 schools or public universities in a full senate meeting Wednesday night. 

Senators demanded Kansas Athletics provide insights into Les Miles’ hiring at KU and Jeff Long’s involvement, both of their subsequent departures and the settlements offered to them. Additionally, senators called upon KU Athletics to conduct their own investigation into Miles’ time at KU and reform their hiring practices. 

“KU needs to take misconduct by Les Miles seriously and protect students who work under KU Athletics,” the resolution said.

The Student Senate also passed a resolution opposing Senate Bill 208, which would force athletes to compete in K-12 schools or public universities according to their “biological sex.”

“Senate Bill 208 would exclude trans women from women’s sports,” Student Senate Government Relations Director Logan Stenseng said. “We’re obviously against it because it would be policing people’s bodies and ultimately would end up creating more discrimination to another marginalized community in Kansas.” 

Stenseng said the student senate would testify in opposition to the bill when it comes before the Kansas House of Representatives for a hearing.

In Wednesday night’s meeting, the full senate also confirmed four judges to the trial court. This is a new addition to the judiciary branch established in January, after months with just one sitting member on the court, while senators searched and interviewed candidates to appoint.

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