Student Senate 1/24 1

Student Body President Mady Womack addresses representatives from the Multicultural Student Government during the full Senate meeting on Jan. 24.

On Wednesday, amid news of a possible presidential impeachment, Student Senate offered support to the Multicultural Student Government. MSG President Chiquita Jackson and Vice President Anthonio Humphrey were present at the meeting.

Student Body President Mady Womack announced the support during her officer report.

She said after the meeting, “I think we are just supporting them in any capacity they see appropriate and just working with them to ensure everything is smooth.”

Jackson said she is “happy” that Senate has offered its support. She said that Senate’s feedback is valuable to MSG.

“I just hope that they come out tomorrow,” Jackson said, referring to the MSG meeting Thursday night in which MSG leadership has planned to move forward with impeachment proceedings against her. “If they see something in there that is unethical, unconstitutional, speak. Speak up.”

Humphrey said in a text, “MSG appreciates the support.”

Student Body Vice President Mattie Carter said the first full Senate of the semester ran smoothly. However, she said the body will experience more debate as fee review begins.

“There will be a lot of tough decisions ahead,” Carter said. 

Carter added that the Student Code of Rights and Responsibilities is up for renewal this year, as it is every two years, according to Carter. She said she believes Student Rights Committee will look into mental health clauses more extensively this semester “to see how we can protect students who have a mental health crisis to protect students from being disciplined for it.”

Martin Doherty, Rights Committee chair, confirmed the committee will pursue increased protection for students with mental health issues. Doherty added that the committee will also look into strengthening language regarding sexual assault and harassment during the revision process.

Senate passed four bills during full Senate.

  • A bill to fund KU Slavic Graduate Student Organization’s Pysanky Workshop was approved for $460 from unallocated funds.

  • A bill to fund Natural Science Community Organization's Sexy Science Event was approved for $500 from unallocated funds.

  • A bill to fund KU Human Resource Management was approved for $100 from unallocated funds.

  • A bill to to Eliminate the Staff Secretary Position from the Student Senate Rules and Regulations was passed.

Two bills were tabled: one to fund the KU Painting Club’s guest speaker, because the bill's author was not present, and one to fund a speaker honorarium for Jayhawks for Life.

Student Senate Rules and Regulations do not allow for student fees to be allocated to an organization that is directly raising funds for another group. Jayhawks for Life asked for $1,500 to fund a guest speaker, Sister  Helen Prejean. Jayhawks for Life president, Maya Hubbs, said it would go to the nun's ministry, as Prejean has taken a vow of poverty.  Therefore, funds cannot be allocated to the group. Chief of Staff Charles Jetty said it is unlikely the bill will be untabled.

Senate acclimated Courtland Triplett, Jalen Rowe, Brittany Multer and Pamela Johnson as representatives to University Senate, and Nellie Kassebaum and Trey Duran as University Senate Executive Committee representatives.