Copies of the New York Times on a desk

Copies of the New York Times laid out on a desk. KU students lost digital access to the newspaper over the summer.

At the beginning of 2023, Student Senate and KU Libraries reinstated the New York Times subscriptions for University of Kansas students. Now, both faculty and staff have access to the subscription as well.

Last semester, a decision during a Student Senate budget review revoked New York Times subscriptions from students. Senators at the time believed there weren’t enough funds to provide the subscriptions.

Soon after the decision was made, Camden Baxter, finance council chair, proposed a new bill to restore the campus-wide New York Times subscription after receiving complaints over the decision Senate passed the bill, and soon after, the New York Times became available to the student body yet again.

According to Sara Morris, head of collections strategy and development at the KU Libraries system, KU Libraries leveraged their resources to get a more complete deal.

“The Student Senate has paid for the subscription for 2023,” Morris said. “The library handled the license, and we used some of our partnerships to get a better deal that included faculty and staff.”

Students, faculty and staff can find more information about accessing the paper via the libraries’ website.