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Three ways to stop feeling like an imposter

Imposter syndrome runs rampant on college campuses. CAPS psychologist Alex Barajas-Munoz offers three suggestions on how to combat it.  Read more



This or that: Nintendo Switch vs. iPhone gaming

Page Cramer | @pagecramer

Chalk writer Page Cramer dissects the differences between Nintendo Switch gaming and iPhone gaming.  Read more



Quick Q with a Creative: Josie Safir

Sam Kricsfeld | @SammyGKricsfeld

CHALK writer Sam Kricsfeld interviews Josie Safir, a freshman from Overland Park and co-author of a children's book titled A Special Gift.  Read more


Pedestrian Cheese & Deli: Not so pedestrian cheeses and sandwiches

CHALK writer Liam Mays works his way through the menu of Pedestrian Cheese & Deli, a local restaurant offering a variety of cheese, wine and sandwiches. Read more


To my hometown: I'm sorry

CHALK writer Lucie Krisman writes about her time growing up in Tulsa, Oklahoma and how she came to appreciate her hometown during quarantine.  Read more