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Columnist Zaynab Zlitni argues KU's transition from mostly all-you-can-eat dining halls to paying for individual meals makes it difficult to get three nutritious meals per day.

Columnist Natalie Terranova argues KU Parking's systems must be improved for all professors and students who use the lots.

Columnist Chloe Gough argues the newest movie in the "Rocky" cinematic universe, "Creed 3," is motivated by greed and how similar franchises lose their magic once their greed becomes obvious motive for the continuation of a series.

Columnist Zaynab Zlitni argues that cancel culture, while sometimes used for good, often targets those who do not deserve to be canceled.

Columnist Peyton Robey argues that KU's public transportation — notably, the bus system — is consistently unreliable.

Columnist Lauren Murie argues that both the KU dining halls and the U.S. should do more to combat the environmental effects of using single-use plastics. She compares the collection of single-use plastics to those in other countries that have eliminated them to decrease plastic waste. 

Columnist Zaynab Zlitni argues Disney adults, despite their sometimes erratic behavior, do not deserve the hate they get.

Columnist Chloe Gough argues that Jennette McCurdy's boldly-titled autobiography, "I'm Glad My Mom Died," shines a light on the experiences of child abuse survivors.

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