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Opinion columnist Audrey Kesler shares summer activities that can get you outside while still practicing social distancing.


Summer is almost here, and we can finally all enjoy carefree moments with our friends and family.

No need to fret about the pandemic  while it might not be the summer you were hoping to have, there are plenty of ways to social distance this summer and still have a good time.

While I personally do not partake in the activity, fishing can be an entertaining way to socially distance from others. When people fish, they do not sit next to each other. Even just going to a lake where you can sit by the water and listen to nature can be a great way to de-stress from all that is happening in the world. Being in nature can be super relaxing and have benefits for your mental health. Finding a local lake or fishing area and taking a relaxing morning for yourself can be a great way to let off some steam this summer, and do not forget to wear a mask.

Another social-distant activity you can do is go to the park. Personally, I would avoid parks with playgrounds because of the potential spread of germs, and I prefer not to be around children. But even open field parks or some parks with a ton of trees can be an easy way to unwind.

Being outside can help with mental health and overall can put you in a better mood. Simply gathering with your friends, six plus feet apart can easily do the same. Even hammocking and bringing some snacks, a speaker and having a picnic with your friends or family can be a simple way to get outside this summer.

It may sound childish, but which of your friends has a big front or back yard? Towels? Access to direct sunlight? A sprinkler? Yes, I am talking about the old fashion, running through the sprinklers like you are seven again. It is a great opportunity to tan from six feet apart and soak up some vitamin D.

Even doing seemingly childish activities can help you stay to active. Lay out some towels, get some refreshing drinks and run through that sprinkler. Make up some fun games like who can run through it faster; just get creative with it!

Many do not think about it, but drive-in movie theaters can also be a way to have fun and social distance. I remember that in high school, my friends and I used to go to a drive-in movie theater. A couple of us would drive, and we would bring some chairs, some snacks and drinks and just watch movies.

An easy way to make this activity six feet apart is by each person driving themselves and bringing chairs. Most places already have the spaces for cars separated a good distance, too. It will give you something to do at night, and you will get the joy of being outside.

While some may think summer is over, there are plenty of ways to social-distance this season while making memories to last a lifetime.

Audrey Kesler is a sophomore from Prairie Village studying strategic communications.

-Edited by Brianna Wessling