KU Info Desk

The KU Info desk, located inside the entrance of the Kansas Union, is facing the threat of being shut down due to a lack of funding.

KU Info, founded in a time of strife during late-1960s riots, is at serious risk of shutting its proverbial doors due to funding cuts. KU Info is known for answering any question on any topic, including funny facts and University trivia. But, KU Info does much more.

KU Info serves as the gateway to navigating the bureaucratic behemoth that is the University of Kansas. Student employees serve as peer-to-peer guides, making the first step to solving a problem less intimidating. This is crucial at a University with dismal freshman retention, and a reputation for being distant and impossible to navigate.

KU Info gives folks a voice to talk to when they call the University, and fields countless questions and anxieties from future Jayhawks and parents about applying to the University. KU Info provides a high return on a relatively low investment — especially when compared to the dizzyingly low return on investment over the last decade from our beloved, yet floundering, football team.

Many students view the University as impersonal, feeling that they are viewed as just numbers and dollar signs. They feel they won’t get help from someone who cares about their experience. Having someone to answer the phone, listen to their concerns, answer their questions, and give a friendly smile is vital to retaining those students, and to supporting their success, which should be the primary concern among administrators — not just their bottom line.

KU Info is managed by Curtis Marsh. We cannot think of someone who loves, has given more, and means more to more to the University and its students than Curtis. He greets everyone with a smile, intentionally makes each student’s experience at the University a positive one, and has a deep passion for his work.

KU Info has served as a crucial service for nearly a half of a century. Upon the announcement that it may be eliminated, an outpouring of nostalgia, disappointment and frustration with the KU administration erupted across social media. Eliminating this important asset will tarnish the memories of many alumni and deprive future Jayhawks of their ability to interact with the University on a personal level.

We are disappointed University officials have chosen to de-prioritize such an important part of the University. We call on the Student Senate, the Union and University Administration to work together to continue to fund and secure long-term funding for KU Info, because KU students, alumni and future Jayhawks deserve to navigate the University with ease.

Hannah Bolton, Student Body President (SBP), 2012-2013

Jessie Pringle, SBP, 2015-2016, KU Info Employee

Stephonn Alcorn, SBP, 2016-2017

Kait Perry, ‘13, former KU Info Employee

Eric Pahls, ‘16, former KU Info Employee