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Columnist Zaynab Zlitni argues that cancel culture, while sometimes used for good, often targets those who do not deserve to be canceled.

Columnist Peyton Robey argues that KU's public transportation — notably, the bus system — is consistently unreliable.

Columnist Lauren Murie argues that both the KU dining halls and the U.S. should do more to combat the environmental effects of using single-use plastics. She compares the collection of single-use plastics to those in other countries that have eliminated them to decrease plastic waste. 

Columnist Zaynab Zlitni argues Disney adults, despite their sometimes erratic behavior, do not deserve the hate they get.

Opinion editor Jenna Barackman, on behalf of the Kansan Editorial Board, argues that voting is an important right to exercise, and its impact continues to be historic.

Editor-in-Chief Tristan Allen opens up the University Daily Kansan voter guide with a letter explaining the Kansan's intent behind publishing the guide, and urging readers to go out and vote.