Sylas & Maddy's

Sylas & Maddy's won the category of Best Ice Cream.

Allie Melendez would not let a subfreezing temperature of 10 degrees stop her from getting ice cream.

Walking from Daisy Hill to Massachusetts Street in winter 2014, Melendez, a senior from Los Angeles, contracted pneumonia, all because she wanted to get a scoop of her favorite flavor of Sylas and Maddy’s ice cream.

“It was a freezing cold Tuesday night before finals week in December," Melendez said. "I had sopping wet hair, but goddamn it I was going to get my Buy One Get One [deal] at Sylas and Maddy’s.”

Since 1997, Sylas and Maddy’s — named after the owners’ family dog and their neighbor’s cat — has been a staple of Lawrence that has enticed generations to visit again and again.

“You could be going to get yogurt, you could be eating at the restaurant that you ate at, but people choose to come here and we just want people to want to come back," Sarah England, owner of the Lawrence Sylas and Maddy’s, said.

The business, which will celebrate its 20th anniversary in June, is family owned and operated at 1014 Massachusetts St. Their other location is in Olathe.

“Since it is a family business ... a lot of our family works there and a lot of our family friends work there,” she said. “We do feel like a pretty close-knit group, some of us.”

The restaurant boasts over 150 recipes of various flavors, and always has 40 different flavors at a time of ice cream, sorbet and sherbet in the store.

Melendez is a huge fan of Sylas and Maddy’s, and thinks the flavors can brighten anyone’s day.

“I like how just basic it is,” she said. “You know exactly what you’re getting. If you’re having a bad day, you get a full pint and take it home,” she said.

Melendez said that she loves all the flavors offered, but cake batter is her ultimate favorite.

The ambiance in the restaurant also appeals to customers like Melendez.

“I just love how cute it is,” she said.

Moreover, England says they do try to create a fun atmosphere for customers when they visit the restaurant.

“When you come in, we want you to just feel like you had a good time, you had good service, good quality ice cream, good price, we want you to enjoy your time,” England said.

— Edited by Erin Brock 

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