Columnist Sandra Sanchez argues that people should not make the comparison of President Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler, the former leader of the Nazi Party during World War II who had a much different rise to power and post-election motives.

With Barack Obama leaving office, columnist Nellie Kassebaum describes his impact as both a man of the people and former president.

President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration is on Friday, here's your guide to local events marking the occasion.

Local Lawrence artists are using their craft to engage in the political climate, bringing attention to issues that are important to them. Some see it as a civic duty, and others see it as just common sense.

An opinion on how President-Elect Donald Trump labels various media outlets as "fake news." This one particularly emphasizing on the press conference that happened on Jan. 11, where Jim Acosta, CNN Senior White House Correspondent was denied to a question. The recommended solution is to question, criticize and inspect what the government is doing, as well as holding them accountable.