Chalk ‘n’ Rock does sound like a parody of KU chant “Rock Chalk Jayhawk”, but the event itself shows a whole different concept. This annual homecoming event features a variety of student groups drawing a selected design with chalks at their pre-assigned square on Wescoe Beach. The design displays KU’s homecoming theme each year. For this year’s theme, the homecoming committee has selected “Roll with the Hawks.”

The event focuses as a fun and recreational event, but it often gets turned into a competition between student groups. In 2013, with the theme of “Jayhawks around the World, Alpha Gamma Delta and Alpha Epsilon Pi took the first place in Greek Life group.

“It’s always difficult because there’s so much to do in such a short amount of time,” said Julie Ferrell, homecoming coordinator for Alpha Gamma Delta. “We try to be as prepared as possible with lots of chalk and our design, then set as many people as we can on filling in the outline we draw out.”

Ferrell, a junior from Tulsa, Oklahoma, said that she specifically searches for artistic people within her sorority to design their sketch. This year, to play along with the theme, Alpha Gamma Delta’s design is inspired by the “Hungry, Hungry Hippos” game.

“Our design is more along the lines of ‘Hungry, Hungry Hawks,’” she said. “The people who designed it are all artistic and have the ability to color in the lines.”

Jen Jury, a junior from Kansas City, Missouri, and the president of Kappa Delta, remembers Chalk ‘n’ Rock as a fun way to connect with other groups. She explained that partnering up with artistic houses makes the event easier on her group, as her sorority doesn’t specifically search out artistic members to draw the designs.

“We rally up a bunch of different people” she said. “It was really fun that our partners last year were really artistic,” she said.

For this year, her sorority plans on incorporating the theme as best as possible.

"We’re going to follow the theme by doing different kinds of board games for activities,” she said. “The most difficult part is sketching it out on the actual sidewalks. Once it’s sketched out it’s easy to fill in.”

While chalk dust may act as a deterrent for some, Ferrell is excited to get to work on her sorority’s design.

“This is my first year as a chair,” she said. “I get to participate more in general. I’m excited to get in and get dirty coloring in on Wescoe.”

--Edited by Ashley Peralta


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