Kansas Rowing

Kansas rowing competed in the Big 12 Championship over the weekend, placing sixth out of seven teams. Picture taken in 2019. 

The Kansas rowing team took its efforts upstream at the Big 12 Conference Rowing Championships on Saturday, securing three top-five finishes in the regatta. 

Kansas rowing coach Carrie Cook-Callen reflected on this year’s results following the championship, seeing the experience as beneficial for the team.

“The end is always a roller coaster of emotions as some boats perform really well, others don’t,” Cook-Callen said. “We celebrate our seniors who are graduating, and the next generation gets championship experience to grow upon.”

Along with the Jayhawks’ results at this year’s conference championship, senior rower Laurel Salisbury earned a spot on the 2021 All-Big 12 Rowing Team, finishing her college rowing career on a high note.

“Laurel was named our Oarswoman of the Year, and it seemed fitting to nominate her as our top candidate for All-Big 12 Rowing Team,” Cook-Callen said.

The Rowing Jayhawks’ top-five finishes came from their First Varsity Eight, First Varsity Four, and Second Varsity Four teams.

The best finish came from the 1V8 squad, scoring fifth place with a time-punch of 7:17:945.

Saturday’s Results:


  1. Texas, 6:43.279
  2. Alabama, 6:56.907
  3. Tennessee, 7:03.563
  4. Oklahoma, 7:14.121
  5. Kansas, 7:17.945
  6. Kansas State, 7:22.346
  7. West Virginia, 7:39.878


  1. Texas, 6:52.303
  2. Tennessee, 7:10.357
  3. Alabama, 7:15.364
  4. Kansas State, 7:30.269
  5. Oklahoma, 7:31.346
  6. West Virginia 7:31.346
  7. Kansas, 7:36.074


  1. Texas, 7:51.683
  2. Alabama, 8:06.949
  3. Tennessee, 8:16.405
  4. Kansas State, 8:20.052
  5. Kansas, 8:25.400
  6. Oklahoma, 8:32.786
  7. West Virginia, 8:55.171


  1. Texas, 7:34.774
  2. Alabama, 7:55.061
  3. Tennessee 8:03.510
  4. Kansas 8:18.583
  5. Kansas State, 8:24.141
  6. Oklahoma, 8:38.406

Kansas finished the Big 12 Championship sixth of seven with a final tally of 77 points. 

While the Jayhawks will not qualify for postseason participation, the three top-five finishes, and Salisbury’s All-Big 12 honors were an excellent look for the program.

Big 12 neighbor Texas found success on Saturday, with sweeping victories in all four races and earning an NCAA qualifying bid.

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