Britain Soccer Premier League

Chelsea's Pedro, third left, celebrates scoring his side's third goal of the game during their English Premier League soccer match against Aston Villa at Villa Park, Birmingham, England, Saturday, April 2, 2016. (Nick Potts/PA via AP)

Remember that time you misspelled a word?

You're lucky. It wasn't seen all over the world.

Aston Villa officials were not so lucky.

This weekend, Aston Villa officials had some troubles spelling names of some of Chelsea FC’s players prior to their game on Saturday.

First, in the official line-up sheet, Aston Villa officials misspelled Radamel Falcao’s last name. The person who tweeted the picture made fun of the idea that Falcao has not played a great number of games in the Premier League this season, but that it was not enough reason to misspell his name.

Then, in the game day program, they changed Pedro’s name to "Perdo." In this version, though, at least Falcao was spelled right.

Ultimately, Chelsea won the game 4-0, so it got its own type of revenge.

This situation is even more bizarre if we take into account this is not the first time Aston Villa has trouble with name spellings. Last November, when Remi Garde was announced as the new coach, Aston Villa’s website used an image of Garde with a hashtag that read #WelcomeRemy, completely misspelling Garde’s name.

It seems like this is systemic. Maybe it's just bad luck.

Either way, there's only one thing to be sure of. Aston Villa needs to hire better editors.

— Edited by Michael Portman