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Milwaukee Brewers general manager Doug Melvin, left, talks to Kansas City Royals manager Ned Yost before a baseball game Monday, June 15, 2015, in Milwaukee. Yost managed the Brewers from 2003-2008. (AP Photo/Morry Gash)


Ethan Belshe | @The_Belshe

With the Minnesota Twins' victory over the Cleveland Indians on Tuesday night, the Royals have officially been eliminated from the 2017 playoffs. After two straight World Series appearances in 2014 and 2015, the Royals will miss the postseason for the second consecutive year.  

This inability to reach the playoffs has some Royals fans questioning whether or not manager Ned Yost will ever be able to recreate the magic of the 2014 and 2015 seasons.

However, the only reason that Yost should not be the Royals’ manager next season is if he doesn’t want to be. There’s just no reason for Yost not to return to the dugout for the Royals next year.      

Simply put, Yost is the greatest manager that the Kansas City Royals have ever seen. He is the only Royals manager to take the team to two World Series and is one of two managers to actually bring a World Series title back to Kansas City.

His 626 wins are the most in club history and he is the longest tenured manager the organization has ever had. He brought playoff baseball back to Kansas City after a 29-year drought.

One day there will be a statue of Yost in Kauffman Stadium, just like there are statues of Dick Howser and Frank White.

While these statistics and accomplishments are impressive, Yost’s impact on Kansas City reaches far beyond wins and losses. After decades of failure and losses, the run to back-to-back World Series appearances that Yost led reenergized the sports community in Kansas City and gave the city something to be proud of again.  

Watching Yost’s group of largely homegrown players march their way through consecutive postseasons is something that Royals fans will never forget. The way that Yost’s teams accomplished this made it even more impressive.

Under Yost, these Royals teams pulled off improbable comeback after improbable comeback thanks to timely hits, smart base running, and stellar defense.  

When the Royals finally became World Champions in 2015, it felt like the culmination of an effort that the entire city had taken part in. It wasn’t just a championship for the players, it was a championship for the fans that had waited so patiently for 30 years. Without Yost, those fans would probably still be waiting.

Yost’s current contract runs through the 2018 season.  When he signed a two-year extension in 2016 it was speculated that he would retire once he completed the contract. The Royals, the fans, and the city of Kansas City owe it to Yost to allow him to do this.  

Whether the Royals win 100 games next year or 60, it shouldn’t matter. Yost has already earned the right to manage in Kansas City for as long as he wants.


Will Long | @Willmatic98

After winning the 2015 MLB World Series, the Kansas City Royals are going to miss the playoffs for the second straight season.

With the amount of free agents on the roster and the potential that the core of the team will not remain intact, the question has arisen whether or not the Royals should retain manager Ned Yost heading into next season. My answer is no.

Before the Royals went on their magical two-year stretch, Yost was on the brink of termination. His tactical management of the team wasn't heavily supported by fans, and until Kansas City got hot late in 2014, it looked as though Yost would be on his way out after the year.

Of course, we all know how things turned out. 2014 turned into a World Series appearance, and 2015 turned into the first World Series win for Kansas City since 1985. 

Yost, subsequently, was kept around for two more years. But now, after failing to make the playoffs for a second straight season, it's time to move on from the Royals' eight-year manager.

As the season comes to an end, so do the tenures of many core players in Kansas City. We're not 100 percent sure who the front office will look to resign and let walk, but it is safe to assume that the Royals won't be able to afford every guy.

This means that the Royals will probably will enter a rebuild phase like they had been in before all the

postseason success. And with the rebuild, it would be wise to bring in a new, fresh manager to help spur that development.

Clubs need energy to help start and successfully rebuild a franchise. Unfortunately, Yost doesn’t really add a lot of energy to the team. He is a good leader in the clubhouse, but his tactical prowess is below par. I believe that the Royals would be better off finding a newer (and perhaps younger) manager to work through the rebuild.

Yost has been a great manager in Kansas City, and he is one of few to actually lead the Royals to a World Series championship. However, given the roster situation, and the performance of the team over the last few years, I think it is time for Kansas City to find a new manager to lead the team in coming seasons.

Yost will be remembered as one of the best managers in Royals history, but the time has come for the team to move on.

— Edited by Brianna Childers