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A player fromf the Kansas football team tested positive for COVID-19, but didn't present symptoms. Another player tested positive for COVID-19 antibodies. 

Kansas Athletics announced Saturday that one Kansas football player tested positive for COVID-19, and another player tested positive for COVID-19 antibodies. 

Kansas football staff and players all tested for the coronavirus before the team returned for voluntary practices, according to the news release from Kansas Athletics.

“Our staff and doctors have been prepared for the inevitable situation where a student-athlete received a positive COVID-19 test and immediately followed the plans and policies prepared by Kansas Team Health,” said Kansas Athletic Director Jeff Long in a statement. “Our student-athlete is being cared for and provided necessary items should he develop symptoms.”

The student athlete who tested positive for the virus showed no symptoms before returning to campus. The individual is self-isolating and frequently being monitored by medical professionals. 

The student athlete who tested positive after an antibodies test was not aware they previously contracted COVID-19. That student athlete is receiving additional evaluations from medical professionals. 

The statement did not name which individuals from the football team tested positive on either test.

“While we can be almost certain there will be additional positive tests, we are committed to properly handling each individual with the highest medical care and doing our part to mitigate the spread," Long said.