David Booth Kansas Memorial Stadium (copy)

Kansas Athletics rolled out a new ticket assurance plan Wednesday night.

Kansas Athletic Director Jeff Long announced a ticket assurance plan for donors and fans for this upcoming college athletics season, Long said in an email to supporters Wednesday afternoon.

The ticket assurance plan was implemented for both Williams Education Fund donors and fans due to the uncertainty of how the coronavirus pandemic will affect college sports. 

“We continue to learn and be updated on how the virus spreads and ways we can hopefully mitigate that with the support of each person in attendance,” Long said. “We have been advised and expect to have capacity options at David Booth Kansas Memorial Stadium between 50-100 percent, but will decide by early August as we learn more about the virus through the summer months.” 

For fans who bought tickets, if games are cancelled, postponed or played with restricted fan access that will prevent one from using their tickets, they have three different options: 

  1. Receive a 100% credit to their account for future ticket purchases.

  2. Transfer the ticket balance to the Williams Education Fund for a fully deductible donation. KU Endowment would provide a receipt if the individual is receiving no benefits related to tickets.

  3. Receive a refund on tickets for the games impacted.

Regarding Williams Education Fund donations, they listed the following scenarios: 

  1. If games are canceled, postponed or played with restricted fan access that prevents donors from using their tickets (and they receive no benefits), donations may become deductible and tax receipts will be available upon request.

  2. For donors who do not feel comfortable attending 2020-21 games (football, volleyball, men’s/women’s basketball, baseball), and do not wish to purchase tickets, they can hold their seats for the 2021-22 seasons as long as they maintain or increase their 2020 membership level. Donors need to waive points and all benefits to have their donation become tax deductible.

  3. Donors who choose not to renew their seats but still make their annual contribution, need to notify their Williams Fund account representative to ensure the seats are held for next season.