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Super-senior safety Ricky Thomas said he feels the team is getting better as the Jayhawks get a solid start into their spring practice. 

With Kansas football spring practice in full swing, the Jayhawks are looking to build chemistry on both offense and defense. Chemistry was one of the downfalls Kansas had in its 0-9 2020 season, as it seemed to be out of sync during most of last season. 

As interim head football coach Emmett Jones now takes over at the helm, developing chemistry will be critical for the success of the team if the Jayhawks want to make a run.

Junior tight end Mason Fairchild spoke to the media in a press conference on Tuesday and said that he feels that communication has improved from last year to this year despite it being early in spring practice. 

"I mean, absolutely we have gotten better,” Fairchild said. “Something that we have started that Coach Grimes brought with him was Tropical Tuesday where every Tuesday everyone wears these tropical shirts. It is stuff like that that has brought on some bonding and that is definitely being shown on the field.”

As for the defensive side, chemistry and being in sync was a struggle at times last season with multiple instances of miscommunication. However, the safeties are already seeming to build a solid base of communication as super-senior safety Ricky Thomas said to the media Tuesday after the third spring practice. 

“I feel like we are getting better,” Thomas said. “Me and Kenny Logan have been playing together for three years so we have a lot of chemistry there. I feel like the young guys have that want too. They come in and get in extra work, extra learning with the coaches asking us questions. They are filing along pretty well and they are going to be pretty good.”

If Kansas wants to get itself some success on the gridiron, having good communication between the different groups of positions will be critical as the Jayhawks look to have a solid start in spring practice.

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