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Kansas rowing placed in the top five all weekend at the Sunshine State Invite.

The Kansas rowing team headed down south to Sarasota, Florida where they competed in the Sunshine State Invite going up against UCF, Clemson, Kansas State, Jacksonville, Miami and Stetson.

The first 2V4 race put the Jayhawks in a fourth place finish at 9:15.84. Emma Yowell (coxswain), Jessica Brewer, Jadyn Jay, Shay Pemberton and Courtney Costain (bow) grabbed the fourth place finish for the Jayhawks behind Miami, Clemson and winner UCF.

“It was pretty clear to us that teams really out raced us in the first half this afternoon,” head coach Carrie Cook-Callen said.

Ashley McCaulley (coxswain), Kinsey Hagedorn, Sarah Schulz, Cameryn Ekeler and Stella Warren (bow), competed in the 1V4 and finished at 8:35.51. This was another fourth place finish behind Kansas State, Clemson and winner UCF.

In the final race of the day, the 1V8 pulled away with another top-5 finish coming in fourth overall. Heidi Burns (coxswain), Abigail Benedict, Kai Alexander, Maggie Habben, Savanah Skack, Laurel Salisbury, Julia Isbell, Paige Wheeler and Lauren Fee (bow) finished at 7:16.37 behind Kansas State, Clemson and winner UCF again.

“Conditions on the course have been challenging since we have arrived due to some strong winds. Unfortunately, it has challenged our crews and is still something we are working to handle,” Cook-Callen added.

On the second day of the invite, the 1V8 crew came out strong for the Jayhawks and finished at a time of 7:46.45 in third place just behind Clemson.

The next race was set for the 2V8 with the team of Danica Pecana (coxswain), Anna Van Driel, Lillian Thomas, London Acree, Ava Winkels, Grace Wallrapp, Addie Kershner, Arianna McCue and Katie Donnellan (bow). The Jayhawks finished in second place with a mark of 8:02.37.

The final race of the Sunshine State Invite was the team of 2V4. The Jayhawks took fourth place with a time of 9:19.82.

“While we have been grateful to be together as a team and to have the chance to race, we’d also like to make something of our opportunity. After a couple times down the race course we’ll look to really elevate from the foundation we’ve built,” head coach Cook-Callen said. 

The women’s rowing team will take on the Iowa Hawkeyes on April 24 in Solon, Iowa.

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