Kansas rowing at the Verdigris River

Kansas rowing competed for two days at the Verdigris River on May 4, 2019. 

After a 677-day layoff due to the pandemic, the Kansas rowing team made its 2021 season debut on the Oklahoma River Saturday morning against Oklahoma.  

“It was great to get back to racing today. In a year that has felt far from normal, lining up to race was a welcomed sense of normalcy. The coaches were able to see the races start to finish which will aid in our training and preparation for our second racing weekend of the spring,” Kansas Rowing coach Carrie Cook-Callen said.

The day began with the 2V4 with the Oread holding Jessica Brewer, Jadyn Jay, Shay Pemberton, Courtney Costain and Danielle Brunig as the coxswain. The Jayhawks finished at 8:06.54, in front of the Sooners who finished at 8:15.6.

Kinsey Hagedorn, Sarah Schulz, Cameron Ekeler, Stella Warren and coxswain Danica Pecana finished in the Wakarusa in a tight 7:57.28 barely in front of the Sooners at 7:59.16.

The Ad Astra was able to add to the Jayhawks victories against the Sooners in the 2V8. Anna Van Driel, Lily Thomas, Longdon Acree, Ava Winkels, Grace Wallrapp, Addie Kershner, Ari McCue, Katie Donnellan and coxswain Ashley McCaulley led the Ad Astra to a 6:54.59 finish, Sooners came in at 7:09.34.

The Crimson was the last regatta of the morning in the 1V8. Abby Benedict, Kai Alexander, Maggie Habben, Savannah Skack, Laurel Salisbury, Julia Isbell, Paige Wheeler, Lauren Fee and coxswain Heidi Burns fell behind Oklahoma and clocked in at 6:39.38, while the Sooners were slightly ahead at 6:37.16.

“We had good execution in all boat classes, the best body of the race execution came from our 2V8. We now have a starting point and the best part is that it’s easy to see where we go from here,” Cook-Callen said. 

The Jayhawks will travel to Sarasota, Florida to take on six teams in the  Sunshine State Invite including Kansas State, Clemson and UCF during April 2-3.

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